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Alprostadil injections or suppositories for ED

Do any of you have experience with alprostadil injections or suppositories for erectile dysfunction that you'd be willing to share?
Viagra no longer works for me, so I'm considering alternatives.
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Hi, LewesBob - I'm 67 & have good sexual function, no erection problems, but am scheduled for prostate surgery Jul 31. Hopefully they can spare the nerves on both sides so I can still get erections afterward, probably will take some time till the nerves that control erections return to full function. I know several other guys who've had this surgery & they all told me the injections are the best, they say they work just about 100% of the time & that they're not that unpleasant, just a short prick (no pun intended!) & you get a very good erection in about 10 min & it lasts about 30 min, enough for sex. Also, I'm reading that you need to have that blood flowing into the 2 chambers on either side of the penis fairly frequently or that tissue eventually becomes almost like scar tissue, then even if nerve function returns, you may not get good erections. So if other methods are not working, do try the injections. I've heard the same drug inserted in 'suppository' form into the urethra works moderately well, but not as well as the injections & can cause some irritation. Good luck, hope this works for you...
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