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Bruised Penis leading to Recent Erectile Difficulty?

I am a 26 year old male. About 3 months ago I badly bruised my penis. This was the result of sex followed by prolonged, overly hard masturbation. My penis balooned out from the tip of my penis to all the way back. The only unaffected area was the very base of my penis. I went to a gp, who told me that it was a bad bruise and that the significant balooned swelling would decrease and eventually go away. It did go away, but my penis has changed for the worse. The first thing I notticed is that I have developed wrinkes on my penis that previously did not exist. The skin itself is loose. If you pinch it, the skin will crinkle into many tiny folds.

The other thing is that 3 months later the area that was bruised is still discoloured, its is several shades darker than the rest of my penis, that is the base of my penis which, like I said was unaffected by the brusing. I am white and the previously bruised area has a dark purple/black tinge to it. Finally, and most troubling is the fact that I have had troubles gaining and maintaining an errection. If I do gain an errection, it is likely to be much softer than the one's I had prior to the bruising. The shape is also different, swelling in the middle more than it did in the past. The middle of my penis was the area most affected by the bruised swelling. When I have an errection now, a multitude of fine purple veins can be seen across my penis. Again, this wasn't the case before. Finally, now if I orgasm once, a further errection is seldom possible as my penis becomes somewhat swollen and soft. To the touch I can move my skin around. To the touch it feels like the top layer of my penis --the superficial layer of my skin isn't attached to the deeper layer or my penis.

I hope I have given you enough information. This is very troubling for me. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Andy.

This forum is for discussing emotional/psychological issues relating to erection concerns. If you’d like to ask a urologist your question, I suggest you post in the Urology Expert Forum at:


However, you should also realize that no one can give you a definitive answer without doing a thorough exam. You need to see a urologist to determine whether there's been some other damage.

It's possible that there's no permanent damage, but that you have worried yourself into this situation because of anxiety. But it's always good to find out for sure. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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