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Can I get pregnant if my husband has ED?

Hi, I am 31 years old and my husband is 33. We just got married about 8 months ago. We would like to have a baby. However, since we got married, we have had sex maybe half a dozen times. He has a small penis, which I can except because he is a wonderful man. However, when we do have sex, he loses his erection shortly into the act and can only orgasm if I perform oral sex on him. Needless to say, this is detrimental to my self-esteem, and I am CONSUMED with worry that I will not ever get pregnant because of this. To me, it feels like my husband is not attracted to me at all and it just kills me. I can't tell you how much I've cried over this. It's just gotten to the point where I do not want to have sex with him at all because it is such a depressing, humiliating and embarrassing experience. I mean, I am not the best looking woman in the world, but I have never had any trouble in the bedroom. I've put on fifteen pounds over the last 7 months as a result of this. We can't break up because we are married, and he is a very nice man. I would not be likely to find another man as nice as he is. But this is a huge problem for me. Please, please help!!! What can I do? We can't afford insemination - if we can just have a baby, I think I could manage the rest of my life without sex.......
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Did he have high blood pressure or some kind of illness to cause him ED? Can he erect and have ejaculation while watching the porn? Did he go to the doctor and try viagra?
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ED usually refers to the inability to get hard.  If he can insert it in you and ***, you can get pregnant, unless he has a problem with his sperm.
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Read up about DHEA this may help him, you can find some good info on webmd just put DHEA in the site search box.
You can also try him on cayenne, this will help his blood flow, info for this is on earth clinic, look up there ED file on cayenne, you can also see what other people are trying as well.
Good Luck
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Oh honey, your post really hit home with me - I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this.  I've been married a year and my husband and I have NEVER had sex.  It's bizarre for me to even say that as I always had a very active sex life before I met him.  I love him more than words and have tried to find fulfillment through an otherwise happy marriage, but it's not easy.  I also struggle with the self esteem issues that arise from this issue, as I've never had this problem before.  My husband is quite a bit older than me, has diabetes and blood pressure issues - essentially the magic mix that has completely stopped his penis from working.  Because of this, he hates being intimate as it's always a disappointment to him. We talk openly about wanting to have a baby... and he knows that is all riding on him, which is way too stressful for us both.  We also cannot afford insemination.  I have no answers - in fact I stumbled upon your post looking for answers myself, but I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.     I'm not a religious person, but I decided to just give it up to God, and if we are meant to have a kid, it will happen... I don't know how to deal with this otherwise.  We've been to therapy, he's been to a ton of doctors and the urologist and no one has answers... so I'll just pray for help, and will do the same for you.  I wish you so much luck, and hope that you two can figure out a way to be truly happy together, come what may.
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Hi Wife, OK his diabetes, is it 1 or 2, if its 1 then so to say not a lot of hope, now ifits 2 then there is some scope, with to he can do it with a diet, if he stays on meds then its them thats giving him ED its the side effects, but if I remember right then he could try trimex shots, these he injects into his p***s, you need to be a real man to do that.
Stress is a big sex killer, so you need to find a way of getting that down, so first fighting ED brings on stress anyway, but if its his work then he needs to deligate more and shift his load unless hes the boss, if he is the boss then the same things apply, shifting his load to calm him down, at home make sure when he walks through the door his work stays outside, make it a rule that all work stays outside, inside soft music, soft lights and a very calm atmosphere, this way you can bring his stress down, no alcohol, if he has a weight problem then he needs to get that down, and if he dosent exercise then he needs to.
Now thats my view, so just how dose this come into anything your doing now? or what you've been told to do.
Hope it helps.
Good Luck
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Thanks Hard, I appreciate any help!
It's Type II Diabetes - and he's been very lax in taking care of himself... he has a gym membership that he never uses, but talks about needing to use constantly.  I just can't seem to get him motivated.
I'll continue to do my best to make our home stress free. And try to find some way to motivate him...
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