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Cognitive to erectile issues

Tiredness, I always feel worn out. Sleep 10 hours and still feel like I need more. Almost falling sleep at random times during the day, even standing.
Since i was a kid I have always felt very disconnected. Like I'm here, but almost a spectator in my own life, if that makes sense.

I also have a lot of similar symptoms to bipolar, where my mood can swing in literally a matter of minutes.
Only thing different than others is, I have always been very quiet. Never really say much. Have trouble with normal conversation. Always kind of stuck in my head, I guess.

I can't watch a movie without falling asleep at least once. When I do fall asleep, I don't even know I did until I wake up minutes later.
I have shortness of breath at times, from doing nothing strenuous.
I get lightheaded and dizzy once in a while
pale skin - I have trouble tanning even a little. I usually just get really red from the sun.
I get a numb/tingling feeling in the hands or toes sometimes
Poor coordination. I can be very clumsy.
My reflexes are very slow.
Mental confusion - I can get confused at the simplest things and people have to say things again.
Bad short term memory - I go to do something, and I forget it in seconds.
I get ringing in ears quite a lot
I have bad peripheral vision/see spots sometimes.
Popping/cracking joints
Full body twitching in sleep
Muscles can twitch by themselves
Muscle weakness - i have trouble holding weight over my head for more than few seconds until my arms start to shake.
I get very painful muscle cramps, everywhere including my fingers.
I sometimes have bowel movements that clog the toilet and hurt to pass.
I sometimes get palpitations, where my heart starts racing and beating weird for no reason.
My lymph nodes in my neck swell up maybe 2-3 times a year, and are sore to touch, usually I get acne when this happens.

I went to a Cardiologist, because of high blood pressure, and told all these symptoms and he ran blood tests and everything was 100% normal.
Liver, kidneys, heart, cholesterol, thyroid. No diabetes. B12 normal at 292. Nothing was abnormal. Very healthy minus the blood pressure. He said is was genetic.

I have also had erection issues for many years, I am in my late 30s. By myself or during sex it's usually very weak.Like a floppy sausage.
The times it does get very hard is in my hand with constant stimulation, I let go and it lasts seconds until it falls like a lightswitch turning off as it quickly seizures down.

For the erection issues I went to a Urologist and all blood tests were fine, testosterone was good. Physically my penis is 100%. Said the one thing is could be is some psychological issue.

When I started blood pressure meds I was also taking injections of B12 everyday, some days twice. i remember this, because not only was my head focused and calm,
and I also didn't fall asleep randomly during the day, and during those few days I got really strong erections. Like never before. I guess this is what people call "normal" erections.
I could actually move around without losing it. Stand up, lay down, walk around. I'm not sure why I was trying the multiple B12 injections a day, probably something I read. I have always tried self medicating with supplements.
I'm not sure what type of effect it was having in my body, but possibly my answer lays there.

Around 14 years ago, I cut out gluten, dairy and I was taking a ton of vitamins and supplements, much higher than normal recommended doses for over a year.
There were months during that time, where my concentration was very clear, as well as my thoughts and everyone even noticed I was like a different person.
I also noticed the cracking joints were gone and a chunk of symptoms, actually. Because of money, I wasn't able to continue with the supplements beyond that.

Any idea what this could be? It's obviously something that has been lifelong and not a recent development.
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To be honest, this sounds mental health related.  I'm sorry to put it that way but this could very well get better with a combo approach of therapy and medication if warranted. Particularly if you have bipolar symptoms.  (not sure that you do. Bipolar has typing involved though with the old school traditional thoughts of how bipolar appears being added upon with different categories of it now.  Things have greatly evolved with the bipolar diagnosis.  People think it only involves cycling between manic and depression but that is no longer the case. https://www.webmd.com/bipolar-disorder/guide/bipolar-disorder-forms  This is a good article that talks about all types of bipolar as diagnosed in today's world by psychiatrists as well as the DSM 5. There are many medications used to treat it and many have much better profiles than drugs used even say 10 to 15 years ago.  They learn more and more making psychiatric diagnosis, treatment and therapy fluid rather than static.  Erase what you know and learn what is current.)

Your excess sleep could be due to lifestyle things which you should rule out/explore. Eating, exercising, good sleep hygiene.  But also a symptom of depression and other mental health issues.  Lethargy is tough.  Sleeping too much or too little is on the list of symptoms of mental health diagnoses.  There is also atypical narcolepsy as well. This article from the University of Tennessee is pretty informative about all sorts of sleep issues.  https://www.utmedicalcenter.org/medical-care/medical-services/procedures-treatments/narcolepsy-other-hypersomnias-excessive-sleep/  You can read about narcolepsy there but read further about hypersomnia.  This sounds more like you.  

Have you had your thyroid checked? https://www.verywellhealth.com/thyroid-disease-in-men-3886166  You should check this out if you haven't.

Have you ever worked with a therapist?
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I sure hope you come back to talk.  We'll try to help
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Not sure if you'll be checking this a month later, but when I first started reading your post it sounded like anxiety (there is GAD and other forms of anxiety) and then it sounded more physical, like I was thinking pinched nerves or something.  The thing is though, physical and mental are not completely separate anyway.  There is the mind body connection.  So even if you or others think it is mental - and that's what almost everyone jumps to - getting good sleep, eating well, socializing with people, exercising, all help with the mental state, too.  So doing something physical can help with the mental.

When you changed something chemically, with the B12 and some medicine, and your erection was as strong as ever, I think that is worth pursuing more.  I think there could be some physical cause at play, or regardless, if it helps, it helps, and as long as it's not causing long term problems or something, if it helps, keep doing it, and investigate that path.  

I think your mentality of trying to investigate, doing different things, seeing positive change and looking more in that direction, is the right way to do this.  Doctors all along the way are going to say oh everything is fine because my one test said so, so I guess it's just you worrying, and that's ridiculous.  So keep at it, you're doing great, and I hope you transform yourself 180 degrees to be that person you were those days when people noticed a real change, the person that you are, but more at your potential.  So you definitely have some health issue(s) going on, so keep working at them and you can definitely get better!
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Still checking in from time to time.

I guess I have had issues with anxiety in my life. Growing up it used to be with anything social or even going out. Now it's usually day to day things, but not often. I get good sleep, even though when I wake up it doesn't feel like it most days. I eat well, except with an occasional burger on the weekend. Socializing, well, not really a strong point of mine, because there is always a lot of silence unless the person is a chatterbox.

When the B12 had it's strongest effect, my mind did feel different. Calmer, more focused.

Pinched nerves, you say? I had an MRI done recently because I was having pain lifting one of my legs, thought it was something with my leg but turned out to  be issues in my back. Some bulging discs and 2 points where nerves are compressed. I am doing physical therapy now. Would any of that cause erection issues? I think that is more recent, so not sure if it would.
I'm again coming back to the idea that it may be worth the effort and expense to continue those B12 shots.  I hope you do. I would talk to your doctor about your MRI findings as well to see if that indeed could be impacting things.  Sounds like it is a definite possibility.

Socializing is hard for a lot of people. They may have actual an anxiety subgroup called social anxiety.  Autism, if that is what may be the cause for you as well is known to have some issues in the social area. There are medications that really help with anxiety and social anxiety. Some are the kind you take all the time and some are as needed like propanolol. Talk to your doctor.  Also, there are, believe it or not (at least in the states) groups for adults to socialize that have difficulty. They are often run by psychologists or therapists.  Might be worth looking into.
I am going to attempt to go back to the injections in the future. Gotta do some budgeting for that.

One thing to note is that I have been taking meds for physical therapy, and you know what 2 of the 3 contain? High doses of B12. Erections have been a bit better than before starting physical therapy, maybe 15-20%. The 3rd med is, of all things, an anti-psychotic. Not sure why they prescribe THAT.

I will talk to the doctor to see if any of the findings would affect erections. I read that in some cases it can, but it's unclear how long the 2 nerve points have been like they are.

It's not even that socializing is hard, when it comes to social anything, even stringing a basic sentence together can be verging on impossible.
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I kept checking for a few days, but I didn't get a response so I stopped. Glad I checked again.

It's possible it is mental health. My moods are very strange. I even notice myself. They can change from me dancing to wanting to break something in the span of minutes. Small things can trigger me. I'm left thinking "What the hell was that!?" Also from day to day, depending. It's never a slow change.

There has been times when something upsets me to a point that I can literally be in bed with my eyes closed the entire night, but not be asleep for a second. I have never heard of that before.

I have always, even as a kid, been admittedly a little odd. Emotionally different. I have been told I am like a robot, that I lack emotions. I have them, they just don't come out like they should. Close relatives have died and I did not cry. I was sad, but no tears. Pets died, waterworks for weeks.

As a kid, from around 5 to 7-8 my parents would fight a lot and my mom was an alcoholic. I remember getting so upset that I would literally throw up. I'm sure it's possible that may have triggered something, but i may have had the foggy/disconnected feeling before that.

I had my thyroid checked twice. TSH was 0.48 recently and 7 years ago it was 0.68. 0.38 seems to be the normal limit, so if the pattern keeps up maybe it will be out of the normal range in another couple years? Lots of thyroid issues on my mom's side - hyper and hypo.

If it is mental, at least mostly, why did the B12 injections momentarily stop the random falling asleep and gave me "normal" erections? Unless it had an anti-depressive affect.

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I do eat well. Lots of vegetables and I exercise when I can. I am not overweight. I can actually eat a lot during holidays and not gain weight, while others put on 20 pounds.
Have you ever read about autism?  Someone can have very mild autism and go their whole life feeling different from other people.  Many of the things you say sound like it could be a fit.  If that is the case, it's something to just keep in mind about yourself. Neurodiverse people are just as good/valid/important/right as neurotypical. They view communication a little differently. They view relationship and love a little differently. They have some physical things like speaking in specific ways, fixed thinking, and emotional regulation can be challenging.  And if you go your whole life without knowing, you are likely never going to recharge your batteries to deal with the neurotypical world and become a bit burned out.  Emotional issues then surface.  Agitation, meltdowns, depression where you are lethargic and just want to lay there are emotional issues.  Does this sound possible? But yes, from what you describe, it sounds like some emotional issues are happening and you should possibly consider working with a therapist if that is available in your area.  Medication can help when warranted. CBT therapy and DBT (for when distressed) are two very helpful types of therapy often done by the same psychologist.

I don't know about B12.  Some people do have issues with their system in that they can't metabolize folic acid or B12. These can impact things like mood.  Perhaps the injections addressed that.  It sounds like it could be. I think---  I really think---- that you should figure out a way to continue the B12 injections if they helped. What can you do to do that?
I suppose some sort of autism spectrum disorder is possible. I have a close relative with it. Getting burned out with emotional situations, or just day to day things sounds like it could be it. I remember as a kid, when I would do something well and I would get complimented, I would kind of get upset in my head, because I would compare how I got complimented to how other kids would. "But the teacher said the other kids' work was great and mine was just good, that means mine is bad." I would think to myself. Kind of self-destructive, looking back.

Autism and Bipolar symptoms can overlap, making a distinction difficult. I'm not the kind of person that explains things well in person. Well, even in writing I don't always say all I need to. I go through things in my head, going to say this and that, but when the time comes it's a brick wall. That has always been frustrating.

I could try the B12 again, but it was 5000ui injection 2-3 times a day for about 4-5 days was when the erections were normal and when the sleepiness went away. A few days after stopping it slowly went back to my "normal" which is abnormal. Not sure what sort of effect doing that would have on a regular basis even though b12 is water soluble.

Speaking of thyroid, even though tests came back normal I have always had a kind of shakiness. It's subtle. If I try to hold something still for somebody it's very apparent.

Another thing I've noticed is that stimulants don't have the same effect on me as others. Coffee doesn't give me energy. it just wears me out fast to the point where i feel I could sleep.
If you WERE to have autism, that also doesn't mean that other things can not also be going on.  Things like anxiety are almost always there with an autistic person as well.  And adhd is another often overlapping issue.  I brought up adhd or add because of your reaction to stimulants.  I've had friends that don't react to caffeine either though ad it hasn't been because they had adhd/add because they don't.  So, not sure about that.  I'd really consider the B12 injections again. If you have a deficit that is improved by it, it only makes sense to keep doing it. And doing it forever is not dangerous.  That's really normal. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vitamin-b12-injections  I'd speak to your doctor about what maintenance would look like with this. And thyroid is wonky where you can look almost normal but there is something off.  Maybe an endocrinologist would be worth seeing?

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