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Cure for ED? Causes?


I was circumcised at the age of 11. As far as I remember I have never had an erection when desired, except at the time of masturbation. I get very good nocturnal erections, but never during a foreplay. Infant it feels like my penis becomes even smaller the more I try it during the foreplay.
What could be the reason? I always have to rely on morning erections to satisfy my gf, which feels really embarrassing.
How can I solve this problem? Should I try Viagra?
Could my circumcise operation in the childhood cause this problem?

Please advise.
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do you watch porn? masturbate to porn? or both
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Circumcision, when done correctly, usually just leads to loss of feeling. There can be complications but its probably not the cause for your difficulty maintaining an erection unless you're having difficulty with feeling and sensitivity. If this is the case, then maybe you need to try a different form of foreplay. However, because of your ability to have strong erections in the morning, it sounds like at least some of it may be psychological. It's easier said than done, but try to ease into sex.
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Thanks for the replies.
No, I never watch porn. Should I?
I also thought it must be psychological, but how long can I wait? It happens every time! I am getting sick of it now.
Any suggestions?
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Google male deer exercise . your g/f can do female exercise. you can help each other in the exercise. this can work as foreplay for both of you.Other exercises which can help you are Satkriya, kegel ecercise( you can kegel each other to get different type of sensation/orgasm. viagra may not help you as it does not incrrease your libido.
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My husband usually just has an issue with sensitivity. However he can get into a funk where he get's too in his head, too anxious to have an orgasm. When that happens I sometimes take sex off the table and just kiss or use foreplay until he reaches the point where he's no longer anxious/over analyzing.

Another thing that might help is to try and figure out where the psychological parts are coming from? Do you feel guilty having sex; has sex and sexuality always been something dirty or immoral? Do you feel broken and less of a man? Etc. I've got a matching suitcase full of crazy and sometimes it's easier for me to deal with it and confront it if I know what is causing it. (Aka - I've always had problems sleeping.. why? I'm afraid of the dark. Ok, what does it take for me to feel safe in the dark. The safer I feel the better I sleep.) I would also suggest telling your partner what's going on in your head, because she might be able to help calm your anxiety.
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Thank you very much for the comments and inputs!
Really appreciate.
Well, I did have some feeling of guilt or fear of STDs in my mind before, so many times I did only non-penetrative sex. But, now that I want to do it, I am unable to :(

Also, I observed that after ejaculating unsuccessfully at first, I get real hard erection in the middle of night when my girl friend has fallen asleep. Its frustrating not to get it during the foreplay.

And one weird thing is, I have never gotten an erection, during a *******...always PE without erection. Isn't that weird?

Thanks again for the help.
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Oh, ******* is a bl*w j*b
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you may rub your perineum to get erection. perineum is the small triangular muscle in between legs ( between anus and scrotum) Rubbing and massaging or even deeping fingers in it will excite you sexually.. You may google perineum massage and learn more details. there are other massages like thigh massage, peripheral anal prostate massage, Deer massage(for male) are also useful techniques. If you do it regularly your all Gudbad will be straightened. Best of Luck.
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I had the same problem for years and it became really frustrating. The fact that i didn't know why it was happening was the most frustrating of all!

I found researching the problem really helped. Try the Co-op doctor http://www.co-operativedoctor.co.uk/page/erectiledysfunction.cfm

I never realised that stress could be a cause as i worked long hours. Once i cut my hours at work my stress levels went right down and the problem improved considerably.
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There are lots of websites.You may add one. I found this websites while searching for the meaning of DHATU ROG.Dharu means semen ane rog means disease. There are number of websites based on herbal medicines and other therapies. It is likely that you may find something useful. Just TRy.
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Thank u very much for the replies.
I started doing male deer and for the first week it felt like my problem is going to go away...but I tried to have sex with my girl friend again...but unfortunately with the same result...
I don't understand whether my problem is ED or PE or both?
Very frustrating...seems like I am never going to enjoy sex :(
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Don't lose hope. It may take some time. try to do exercises and take some aurvedic tonic. Search Dhatu Rog. I.e. semen problem. Google the word. Continue doing Deer exercise. It is a massage. and usually it works. It may take some more time. Keep yourself in positive mood.
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