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Difficulty getting erections

Here's the story: I'm 28, I'm in pretty good shape, my BMI is 25.1, I eat healthy (salads, fruit several times a day, fibre cereal), I don't smoke, I rarely drink, I don't do street-drugs, but I do drink 1-2 coffees a day. The doctor gave me a clean physical, he said there's no diabetes, heart problem, or any physical reason he could see for it. Yet I still am having trouble with getting erections, maintaining erections, etc. I basically just want to have a normal sex life, but it hasn't happened yet. I've also stopped drinking soda entirely to see if that helps. Nope.

The only 4 things that I can think of:
-I am on a SSRI called Cipralex for my anxiety, which might be causing it. But I feel like I've had this problem even before the medication, so I feel like it might be contributing but isn't the cause per se.

-Maybe my testosterone levels are too low. I am thinking to ask the doctor if he can test these.

-Masturbation. I usually only masturbate once or twice a week, but I'm wondering if it is somehow killing my body's sex drive. I could stop entirely but then there are some "uncomfortable" side effects that happen if there isn't any "release".

-Somehow the veins in that area are damaged, or are not getting enough circulation. I am wondering about taking Ginko Biloba to try and increase blood flow, but the pharmacist said it might interact badly with my blood thinners.

As well, the doctor offered to get me some viagra samples to help me out, but the last time I saw him he didn't have any. I'm thinking of booking an appointment, bringing up these topics to see if he can help me find a solution.
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Besides your medical treatment you can few exercises which are specific to sexual disorders. Abdominal breathing, kegel exercise, male deer exercise, Sat kriya, Circulating sexual urge around microcosmic orbit. Look at them and if your resonate with any, you may adopt them in your regular work out. there are many breathing exercises which can help you sexually. Google the above exercises. Also google breath to orgasm. you will find good websites.
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One or two cups of coffee is not a problem.  As you say, your meds may be causing side effects or at least, contributing.  For now, I would not get into any more ED meds or supplements, including Ginko Biloba, which have their own side effects.  Stop all masturbation and see if your body can heal itself.  If your partner is agreeable, allow him or her to give you a slow, hand job to see if you can have a regular orgasm.    
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There's always the chance that it's a psychological problem at this point. You may have psyched yourself out to the point that it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How nervous/concerned do you get about the issue when it's time for sex?
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