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ED: Ciales doesnt work

I am 21 years old. I have erection problem for more than 4 years, can't remember the last time i had morning or occasional erections. I tried ciales 20 mg and 10 mg before sex with no results. My urologist advised to take ciales 5mg daily for 30 days. No results.. I did blood tests everything was fine. Never manage to have a proper penetration during sex, even with oral sex. Even during mastrubation i can't have a proper erection. I am so despered, please help me
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Are you looking at yourself trying to get an erection? When making out are you wondering if its going to work this time  and will it last? If the honest answer to this is "yes" then Cialis is not going to work. I can show you what will work.

If the answer to these questions is an honest "no" then you may need to consider an inter-penile injection of Alprostadil in order to get an erection.
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Google, male deer exercise, kegel exercise, sat kriya, Mahabandh, and anal peripheral prostate massage.  you may use any exercise as an adjunct therapy. These therapies will take time. Do it till you get results.
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