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Two years ago I experienced problems with multiple urinations at night. My urologist said that I could get an operation, TERP, or take medication the rest of my life. He stongly recommended the operation even though I had E.D. problems and low testosterone. About a year after the operation I started having excessive bleeding and during my last vist he proscribed Avodart due to an enlarged prostrate ,82, to be taken forever.  My testosterone level is 80 without help so I take 200 mg testosterone shots every two weeks.  Viagra and Levitra do not work however Cialis helps somewhat.  I cannot ejaculate since the operation and that makes my E.D. problem worse.  He also told me that the Avodart would inhibit the effects of the testosterone so I am not taking the Avodart.  My question is there a medical device or sex toy that could apply pressure to the prostrate that would allow ejaculation?
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Hello Sir,

There are these types of devices which are used to facilitate ejaculation in selected patients with spinal cord injuries, where this device is used to locally stimulate the nerves and cause ejaculation. However this does not fit your profile, after having a TURP TransUrethral Resection of the Prostate, almost all patients will have "retrograde ejaculation" which is where the ejaculate (seminal fluid) actually ascends up into the bladder instead of continuing down the urethra and out of the body. Retrograde ejaculation does not contribute to ED and also is not a harmful condition. This is a known side effect of TURP and your ejaculate will be combined with your urine as it is eliminated. Ejaculations like before the surgery will not be possible as your anatomy has changed.


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look up Aneros... they work and work good.. ;) Im sure Doctors want you on drugs though.. lol... Did they try flomax insted of Avodart? It works by relaxing the mussles around the prostate insted of blocking the conversion of T to DHT and killing your drive again..
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