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ED Following Weight Loss

Although only 25, I have no libido and significant difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. These problems started to develop gradually beginning two years ago. At that time Dad was having some heart problems and bought a home blood pressure monitor. On a lark, I tested myself and got a reading of 181/135. This result scared me and I started dieting and riding an exercise bike. I noticed the gradual decline as I lost weight, but attributed it to my advancing age- I was no longer a horny teenager afterall.

However as time went on and I lost more weight my libido and ability to get an erection kept getting worse. I finished my weight loss program last Fall 102.5 lbs lighter than I was when I started. Now I have almost no libido left whatsoever and my erections almost never reach their full size or stiffness. I ejaculate very prematurely. I'm trying to think of potential causes but I'm finding nothing. I've been like this for six months without improvement and am getting desperate I can't think of anything I haven't tried:

Check for diabetes: My blood sugar has never tested significantly above 100.

Exercise: I try to burn about 450 calories a day on an exercise bike. I also strength train.

Reduce stress: I'm about the least stressed I've ever been in my life.

Sleep more: Strangely it's only when very sleep [i]deprived[/i] that I can get good erections and feel horny.

Supplementation: I take almost every supplement reputed to help with ED. So far only L-argenine, and maybe panax ginseng seem to help, and they barely do anything at all.

Prevent vitamin deficiency: I take vitamins with my supplements

Weight loss: 100 lbs down and can't get an erection.

I'm really at a loss. I've been to a doctor. She dismissed my concerns as just stress, but as mentioned before I've been feeling pretty good lately. I'm going to go back and see another doctor soon but I dont want to be dismissed as just stressed again. I really think there's an underlying condition here, but don't know what could be causing my problem.

Interestingly, I started getting heart palpitations around the same time as my erectile function began to decline. Also, consistently, the few occassions in recent times where I've felt like I had a libido and had little difficulty getting a solid erection were times when I was sleep deprived. Do you know of any potential health conditions that could cause ED, a lack of libido, heart palpitations and is less severe when sleep deprived or around 3 AM?
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Hi Danny I'm going tro start with a list, it will give an idea were you fit in,
These are things that can kill erections.
1 To little speep, but with you it has the other effect.
2 High cholestrol.
3 Diabetes, your OK and dony have? yes
4 Depression.
5 Alcohol abuse.
6 Meds, some can give you ED.
7 Stress, but you say your now OK.
8 Anger.
9 Anxiety.
10 Self image.
11 Low libido.
12 Your health.
13 Low testosterone.

Some thing is wrong somewhere, you have done all the right things for getting erections back, losing weight, getting healthy with exercise, does any of the above ring any bells?
The only thing for now would be get some blood work done, and see just how you testosterone levels are like, but things like muscle bulk lose, facal hair not growing, are good signs of low testosterone.
Having had ED, I know what its like, I'm now in some kind of recovery, I think at times ED jokes with us, but then I'm coming up 66 and your only 25,
Look I will send you 3 PMs on the kind of things I take, its all herbs and a hormone, but your to young for the hormone, all I can suggest is try some of it.
Good Luck
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