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ED Problems and Doctor found nothing

Hello All

I am 37 year old male. I was married for 15 years and over the last 3 years it seems I started to having problems keeping an erection. It was one of those situations where the only way I would keep one at all is if I was extremely turned on and having the sex from behind. I thought it was a product of me not really having an attraction for her anymore. Then after being separated I meet another women who I am crazy about and can not keep my hands off of. Problem is the same thing I am not able to stay hard. I get hard when we are fooling around and the minute we either have to stop to put on a condom or we try and switch positions I lose it right on the spot. At first I contacted a doctor who gave me Cialis and it did not work (20mg). Then I tried Viagra 50mg and that sorta worked but still not 100% of the time. In fact out of 3 times worked one when I took two pills to get to 100mg. Even then while I feel I stayed hard she felt I got soft. So I went to the doctor and he ran all the test top to bottom. Everything came back clean the only thing he said was maybe I had a prostate infection and gave me medicine but even that he said is a long shot because I have no side effects of it. So now I am not sure what to do. He gave me a prescription for Viagra 100mg with a lot of refills BUT $220 dollars for 6 pills is not something I can afford long term. He told me maybe in 3 weeks when I am done with the prostate medicine it will be fixed but long shot. He said maybe its blood flow and taking the Viagra will fix that to where I will not need the pills. Or maybe he said it is stress. I have no idea what to do cause I am killing the experience for her. When we have sex and I actually stay hard for even a minute I rush through the sex so I can prove I can stay hard and she gets nothing out of it. When we are fooling around all my mind is on is staying hard which does not let me enjoy the experience and stresses me out. Whatever it is I need to figure out a fix fast or I am going to lose this woman who is in her prime years and I don't want to lose. I am willing to try anything and everything. Can you recommend cheaper medicines that work. I have seen alternate treatments of medicine or herbs online but no exact ones and where to get them? Or some self treatments? Or anything at all. I am willing to try it all. I need something outside the box as I am so lost on what to do right now. Thank you for any and all advice you can give me.
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you may try few exercises along with your usual treatment. Google, maled deer exercise, kegel exercise, Sat kriya. If possible learn Kundalini yoga. Google prostate massage. There are 4 types of prostate massage. Learn which you resonate with. and practice regularly. when you breath fast, you ejaculate faster. To control your erection breath slowly, evenly(ehalation time and inhalation time eqail) and deep. Google abdominal breathing.Practice it and use it when doing intercourse.Google 'breathing exercises for sexual strength'.
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Correction; Google male deer exercise.
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I dint think your problem will resolve with some kind of different exercises,
I tried all of them and never help me, aim about 40 and have permanent ejaculation problem, less then 40 second after intercourse, anyway I used priligy 60mg high dosages just help me for 1 more min, I went to urologist doctor, he proscribed cialis 5 mg and top of the line spray, never worked even 10 mg cialis same,
I changed my doctor, he got 4 different blood test, and after see the result, told me my testesteron is below the limit, at this situation , he prescribed tramadol 100 mg, after I used it works %100
Try this one and tell me it worked or not?  
I didnot get it u have permanent ejaculation. Problem or soft erection?
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If your are deficient in teststeron , no exercise will work. If you have not done the test, please get it done before you do any exercises.
scroll down further to find few articles on sexual health.They are informative and practical.
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Hey bro, first of all I've been there... over a period of 5 years.  And like you, I didn't want to lose a girl and I ended up losing girl after girl.  I'm not a doctor, so what I say here is from what I've put together from my experience and from the information I received, as a patient.  Recently I've received treatment, and so far so amazing, still will be some months before I see that I'm all cured.

I won't contradict what others have said, about exercises and herbs.  But I do think that to try to have a plan of how to fix your ED, you should know what is causing your ED.  And there are different causes.  I'm not so familiar with the hormonal causes (though I was told by a top urologist never to take Propecia), but I'm more familiar with the physical.

You can think of an erection in 3 stages: initiating, filling and storing.  I only get into this, because if your experience with doctors was like mine for the first 4 plus years, none of them explained this to me, and learning it helped me a lot.

Initiating includes the nervous system and the brain, so if doctors talk about you being nervous or it's in your head, they aren't looking past this stage.

Filling is the blood flow, and this requires open arteries.  Blocked arteries can cause ED.  If the blockage is localized and in an applicable spot, and you have a healthy donor artery, you can do revascularization surgery to bypass the blockage.

Storing is keeping the blood inside the penis once it enters.  When blood rushes in, it relaxes the penile tissue causing it to expand against the tunica (wall) where it pinches shut veins which are between the tissue and wall.  When arousal lessens, the tissue contracts, moving away from the wall, thus opening up the veins where the veins take the blood away from the penis and back to the heart.  Scarring can impede this process by holding the penile tissue back when it wants to expand (taking away from its elasticity), thus leaving the veins open.  With the veins just a little open, I think it can cause softer erections or erections that don't last as long.  But there is a point where scarring can be so much that the tissue expands so little, leaving the veins so open, that as soon as blood enters the penis it exits and you don't have an erection.

There are clinical trials going on right now that take your stem cells from your (stomach) fat and inject them into your penis/the problem areas, to essentially allow the body to heal itself.  Stem cells, from my understanding, will grow new blood vessels and eat away at the scarring removing it and restoring your tissue's elasticity.  You could also add HGH to these stem cell injections.  After injection of the stem cells it takes about 3 months to see results and 6 months to get a cure.

I don't want to take over this board by writing so much, so let me know if you want me to expand on any of this if you have questions, or if you want a referral to a good urologist.  Having this info certainly helped me, and doctors just don't seem to take the time.
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Great comments Helper!
You're right, docs don't do a go job explaining. Many of the items you mentioned I've found out too, not readily from the docs, but from research, then confirming with the docs.  
Have you heard anything recently on the Stem cell research?
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Text me at 5169433939 and i will. Help you.
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