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ED Trouble That Might Be a Sign of Something Worse

I'm a male, I'm 25 (26 next month). I've been tired almost consistently, every day for half a year despite often getting between 8 and 12 hours of sleep. This is no big deal, because I'm able to function with very low energy. However, lately I've noticed my erections weakening. It was subtle, at first, and I brushed it off as just being tired, or not as in the mood as I normally am, or some other small thing. I ignored it, expecting it to go away.
I first realized there was a real problem, early this year, in February, when my erections had become so weak my penis would be full, but was no longer able to support its own weight. I decided to cease masturbation, thinking I was over-doing it, as I hadn't gone more than two days without masturbating in a who year. I gave myself a two month break, and it did help, but not much. Last month, I noticed that the first inch of the base of my penis was visibly thinner, both partly erect and fully flaccid. It's not thinner when I have as full an erection as I can get, but it's nowhere near as hard as the rest of it, in that area.
Often times I'm too tired to get a lasting erection, or too distracted to keep a fantasy going long enough to keep even the weak erections I've been stuck with. Just this morning, I noticed that the base of my penis isn't as soft, compared to the rest, any more, but I can't help but worry that, rather than an improvement, it's the rest of my penis softening overall. I've also noticed that, lately, even my most favorite fetishes won't do much, for me.

A few important notes:
-I'm far from overweight. I often joke that if I lose weight, I'd look anorexic.

-I sometimes have plenty of energy, when laying down, along with normal erectile function. However, as soon as I stand or sit up, I become tired, fatigued, sore, and flaccid immediately. Though, even while laying down, the quality of my erections have diminished noticeably, as of late.

-I'm not sure if it's in any way related, but as of last month, my thumb joints, on both thumbs, have become much stiffer than normal. This cannot be connected to masturbation habits, or carpal tunnel, because I'm right-handed in everything I do from mouse, to masturbation, to drawing, and it's almost equally effecting my left thumb. It was, at one point, effecting both my index fingers, as well, but it went away. This cropped up, one evening, and has never happened before. The thumb and index joints were sluggish and sore, even if I popped the affected joints. It went away in my index fingers, and has gone down, over time, in my thumbs, since then.

-Normally I was good for 3 to 4 orgasms per day, then I was spent and unable to find enough interest to get another erection for the rest of the day, and even the following day, if I went at it long and hard enough. But lately I've found that, on days where I'm able to perform, I can continue to get erections even after the 4th. This is not a complaint, but more of an oddity.

-My semen seems to be rather on the watery side.

-I don't eat super healthy, but I don't eat horrible.

-I get up and at least exercise my legs, a few times per week. I'm always too tired to get very active, and lately, it's been difficult to even do that much.

-I don't have a regular doctor. I'm not even lower middle class. Or even upper working class. In short, I'm poor and can't afford good health care. And even when I can go see the doctor, the waiting list is absurd. (Last time I tried to made an appointment, they were overbooks for 4 months at one hospital, and 3 months at the other.)

-I highly doubt it's porn-induced ED, because I had recently found some really good stuff that got me going, before last month.

-I purchased some Red Ginseng supplements, because I read that they combat fatigue and help with ED, but the effect was slight, and quickly tapered off. Now it has no effect on me.

-Also worth noting: I've lived in my current place for 2 years, now, and the one thing I've noticed, is, I'll sometimes get splitting headaches right after drinking the tap water, here. I never had that problem before, and I never had erectile problems before, which is why I bring it up.

-I have not noticed any odd coloration in my urine.

-I take no regular medication.

-One positive sign is that my penis has different phases that I've learned to label. I don't know how common this is, but I'm usually at either 1/4th mast, or very close to half, constantly. I've come to call this its natural state. It will shrink when I'm not in the mood, and on rare occasions, shrink even further when I'm not at all in the mood, and return to normal when horny mood comes back. Despite my struggle with ED, it often times returns to it's 1/4th filled state, even now, which gives me a glimmer of hope.

I'm not sure how much of this is interconnected, or part of a larger issue, but it's affecting me, now. I'm a freelance artist. I work best when I'm horny, even if it's not something sexualized I have to work on. Because my libido is suffering, so too are my creative flow, and work motivation.
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Just got back from my local Walmart. I went to get my blood pressure checked. It was something like 137. With 108 BPM. Said something about hypertension, but I wasn't paying attention. I didn't walk 6 miles in the heat to sit though a bunch of text. Come to think of it, I might also have a high cholesterol. Not sure. Are there any good at-home tests for that?
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Excellent narration of your condition.Based on Taoist yoga and kundalini yoga, there are few exercises which can help if you do them regularly. You may google the following subjects.
Male deer exercise, Sat kriya, kundalini yoga. circulating breath or sexual urge around microcosmic orbit, Breath to orgasm. find some exercises to increase blood circulation around groin area.You can do research on different activities relation to sexual activity.As you are well up in understanding and writing, you can help others as well. Best of luck.You can read a book  100 days practice to better health,good sex and long life by Eric steven Yudelove. Pre view is given in amazon website.
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Thanks for the advice. I will be trying your tips and increasing my physical activity, using weighted cuffs and clothing to increase exertion.

Also, I am a writer, thanks for noticing! :)
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