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ED and Retrograde Ejaculation

I am a 54 years old, and have Type II Diabetes (since 1995), very poorly controlled. That's on me. My problem is that I have ED and Retrograde Ejaculation. I was married for 19 years, and my sex life during that time was not very good. Intercourse in the mission position maybe once a week, and masturbation in between. Very exciting right! NOT . Somewhere towards the end of my marriage in 2008 I started to get ED. I spoke with my doctor about it and he gave Levitra and Viagra. Both helped somewhat but not like I would have thought it should. From what I  have read here, that was probably due to the marriage and sexual anxiety.
Since I divorced, I have not had sex at all. I only have masturbated, and over the years, my erections have gone away, and about 6 years ago, developed Retrograde Ejaculation. Now while I haven't had sex with a partner in that time it hasn't been an issue, but now I am in a long distance relationship over the internet. We talk sex with each other so she is aware of my problem and assures me that it isn't a problem. She is much younger than me, and would like to have a baby. So my question is, could the RE be a result of the ED because the muscles that help move the sperm are the same ones that make the erection, and can the problem be reversed? Or will I have to have surgical medical help to get the sperm needed to make a baby?  Please help!
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This is an important issue and will need guidance from experts. The age is a big road block. I am sure you may know the difference between forum friend and real friend.If you are interested in exercises, you may research in groin exercises, male deer exercises, kegel exercises,. For retrograde ejaculation, consult  a specialist. Do heed the advice of other members as well. Google these exercises. If you do exercises regularly, it could give results in 6 months.
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For detailed study, visit website of menshealth. or manshealth. It will give you a complete picture of your problem.
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