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ED and other symptoms

Over the past couple months I've been experiencing some strange symptoms.  They're not easy to talk about, but why not.  I've been having a lot of flatulence, and the feeling of having to use the restroom throughout the day.  There is no pain involved, but as I said a lot of gas, and using the restroom many times throughout the day.  In addition, I no longer urinate standing up due to the flatulence.   if I start to urinate, I will also start to pass gas.  relieving myself one way seems to cause relief the other way, if you understand.  This has been going on for a couple months, and now i'm also experiencing ED.  its gotten worse over the past month.  Initially I experienced a loss of erection during sex a couple times, and eventually it came back, but now I'm unable to get a strong enough erection for penetration.  this is very disturbing, and i'm wondering if anyone else has experienced these same symptoms?
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So, I'd break this into two things.  Don't know if you asked about the new and excessive flatulence elsewhere on the site but here is info to read about this issue.  https://www.emedicinehealth.com/flatulence_gas/article_em.htm.  Having gas in your intestines CAN not only change your bathroom habits but also cause erectile dysfunction.

So, you need to get a handle on the gas.  See your doctor for your first step.  It's not embarrassing, it's a health problem. Your doctor (and everyone) has gas too.  

For gas, I'd start also with dietary changes.  Dairy can be associated with this as well as many other foods.  Learn about that and work them out of your diet.  You can take OTC gas products (like beano) too.  You also may consider a probiotic and things like adding fiber which will decrease gas.  There is a nutrition forum here (find under communities, search a to z, look under N for nutrition). That might be a good place to ask or healthy cooking.

But you should visit your doctor to help overcome this problem as I believe you most likely can. good luck
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I second specialmom’s suggestions, do try probiotics- that can make a real difference. Get a good quality brand, though - not all are as good, you need several Billion to do much good & preferably several different strains. I agree that getting the gas prblm under control may help w/ the ED symptoms
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How old. Are you. And what meds do you. Take?

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I'm 53.  No regular meds.
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Take L argenin and pycnogenol
What are these and what do they do?
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Look them up on internet. They are suppliments that give u back erection. Puritan pride Largeninfree form 1000 mg. Vitamin world pycnogenol 60 mg. Take 3 argenin. In morning with lots water empty stomach..  Take one pycno half way through. Lunch. U should return. To normal.  U have ed.8
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All must be capsules not caplets
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Male sexual stimulation is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. ED can result from a problem with any of these.

A blend of physical and emotional problems causes erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction
Heart disease, High cholesterol, High blood pressure Diabetes, Obesity
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Wow...its been a year since I've asked this question.  And what a year its been.  Sorry for not following up here, but here is my story.

I did go to see my doctor and he suggested I get a colonoscopy.  I took his advice and much to my surprise they found colon cancer.   This was the cause for all my syptoms.  I large tumor was causing major bathroom problems including the gas and minor obstructions.  My doc also thinks the main tumor was pressing on a nerve that you need for getting an erection.  

I've been in treatment now for about 9 months and things have progressed well.  The cancer did spread to my liver.  It is a stage 4 cancer which isn't great, but i'm going to beat this thing.  My colon tumor is gone without any after affects.  GI is doing much much better.  I've been on chemo all these months, and now we're trying to figure out how to clean up the final tumors in my liver.

ED is still an issue, but there are signs of life down there.  Some days I can get a somewhat sufficient erection, some days not.  I'm going to try injections soon.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I'll try to get back here more regularly.

Bottom line - SEE YOUR DOCTOR REGULARLY!  That's a lesson I've learned from this.
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wow, wow wow!!!!  That's an insightful follow up.  I really appreciate your sharing that.  How is your cancer battle going?  That's such a situation I'd not have seen coming from your original question.  Wishing you good health, friend.
The cancer battle is going better than I could have hoped for.  Been in chemo going on a year now.   My main colon tumor is essentially gone.  We're now more concerned about some stubborn tumors on my liver that we're trying to get rid of.  I feel good, I have nothing to complain about.  Its been quite the experience.
Well, I wish you the very best.  Ya, stubborn tumors on your liver do not sound fun to deal with.  Your quality of life okay?  I hope they are also giving you a decent prognosis.  
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