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ED in a 21 Year Old?

Hi, I'm a 21 year old who might have ED but I'm not sure. I'm school president at my college and spend about 50 hours working on that a week in addition to the 20+ hours I spend in the classroom. I finally found someone who I'm attracted to and now I can't seem to get erect. Some stats: I'm 125lbs, 5'7'', black hair and eyes, Asian descent.

I think it's stress because all I can think about is school politics or why I can't get erect but I'm not sure.

Please help
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Sounds like your right. your mind is in other places and it sounds like you are doing so much you cannot relax and enjoy yourself
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Sounds like a normal thing. Sexual functioning is related to your entire neurobiological status. The simple fix is Viagra about one hour prior to anticipated sexual activity, or Cialis if the window of opportunity is more than a few hours. These meds are easily available for online purchase, or as samples or an expensive Rx from any half-way decent GP/FNP/PA if you have health insurance (not really even needed; you can manage it yourself).
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