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ED in my 20s.... Accutane?!?!

I need some help here. I took an acne medication for 6 months as a teen called Accutane.
One side effect of this med is ED. Due to my young age i didnt realize a problem. Now in my mid 20s I have issues holding an erection. I have tried the blue pill but doesnt work very well. Any reccomendations as far as fixing my problem. I blame the medication i took as a teen. Yet not really sure.

Any help?
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Hi. ED is not a natural condition in young men but it is common. The main causes of ED include anxiety, stress or depression..Chronic stress and anxiety prevents the male brain from triggering the feelings of desire and suppresses the male libido.  When desire and libido are depressed, the brain is unable to send signals to the heart to pump blood to the male sexual organs, and results in ED. The most common treatment for ED is medications like Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. This is an effective treatment for nearly anyone suffering from ED or impotence, but does have side effects. IMO I think ur too young for meds but u should speak with ur DR. He/She will give u proper recommendation as to what will work for u. Good luck!
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ANYTHING can cause a temp ED problem, even in your 20's!!! I would suggest seeing your dr & mentioning the Accutane & the research results you have found.  I do vaguely remember seeing an advertisement for some lawyer group in the states claiming a lawsuit to the manufacturer of Accutane & anyone who suffered from a list of problems INCLUDING Accutane !!!

There are several different drugs offered for ED & yes they can be prescribe to a man in his 20's, but you will have to be sent to a urologist 1st.

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just like most people on this subject, doctors are wrong and will probably dismiss the patient saying "It probably wasn't accutane". What most people don't know, is that Accutane is a highly toxic chemotherapeutic agent and can permanently change the body in a variety of ways. Accutane in some patients, can cause permanent erectile dysfunction and low libido even after the medication is discontinued. Accutane can also cause permanent depression and joint pain, along with many other side effects.
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May I know if you have recovered from ED? I also took Accutane and developed ED after 3 weeks off this drug. I am worried this may be permanent.
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