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ED or premature ejaculation?

Hi I am 26 year old male, Two month before  I married a girl. First time when I tried to do intercourse sex with my wife, initially I got erection(not much) ,when I am trying to insert her vagina, my penis was totally reduced erection, so I cant insert my penis into her vagina, And after some days we tried again, usually we foreplay minimum 20 minutes, when I do foreplay I feel bit erection, when I try to insert my penis into her vagina, my erection was lossed and also sperm came out(ejaculate) from my penis .


NOTE :  Last one year I was running a business before, so I got too much streesed myself in business.

8 month before , I got good erection when I doing masturbate and also I got  good erection when I wokeup in the morning, but from last two month I  didnt get good erection in early morning also
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It is quite normal to pre-ejaculate in initial period of marriage. You are over excited and hence you ejaculate earlier. Female usually takes more time in getting aroused sexually and the male gets quick erection. Hence he has to keep control on himself while doing foreplay. Use proper llubricant on her vagina and on your penis. Insert your pencis very sowly, like threading a needle. After entering take rest and do not start thrusting imiidiately. You take a pause after few thrusts.Pausing is important. You may also withdraw your penis, keeping the head of your penis inside her vagina for some time. This gives you rest and this gives your wife a tightness so that she can compress her vaginal muscles , giving you more pleasure.There is always a fear of failure in sexual intercourse. You should control yourself and feel confidence. to get confidence, you can male deer exercise. Goole the word and do this exercise regularly. Your wife can do Female deer exercise. This can serve as a foreplay for her.Buy a book on sex for recently married person and learn few techniques which will help you is sexual activity. You can also learn kundalini yoga. Do not worry. You will get adjusted for sexual pleasure in time.
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