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Ed for 4 years after testosterone cycle

Hello everyone,

I ve been struggling with ed ever since i did a testosterone cycle in 2018.

I tried to recover multiple times with pct (clomiphene, hcg) and while my bloodwork semmed optimal (even higher testosterone levels than before the cycle)

I was still having low libido and ed.

2 years later, after many attempts to recover libido i decided to start testosterone replacement therapy.

Libido remained low even with high levels of testosterone and every other hormone in check.

Some months ago i added test cream aplied to scrotum along with my injections and it finally increased my libido consistently.

Only problem now is weak erections even though i am on daily cialis (5mg).

I ve had even a doppler ultrasound done which came back normal.

Any ideas as to what could be the issue. Right now i have high libido but cant reach 100% erection even though i can get semi erect even thinking of a woman.
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This sounds frustrating man, sorry it's happening. During sex with a partner, you can not maintain full erection? Are you semi erect then? This is a question I have to ask. Cialis works on physical problems that lead to ED but not mental health ones. Are you suffering any type of anxiety, depression, mental health issue? This can also impact erection.  what happens if you take a higher dose of cialis? It goes all the way up to 20mg.  I'd see about a higher dose and if that helps.
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