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Erectile Dysfunction at 17

My boyfriend and I are both seventeen, and had sex about two months ago for the first time. Since we've been together, about five months, he hasn't always had full erections, but for the most part he did and it wasn't a problem. The first few times we had sex, he had no problems whatsoever, even the first time. He didn't even ejaculate early. However, the last few times he only lasted a minute or two, and wasn't fully hard. Now, however, he can't even get a full erection when he is alone. He doesn't want to talk to a doctor about it, and I know that he is very frustrated and insecure about it. Is there something we can do for him?
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Hi:) Erectile dysfunction in young men is actually a very common thing. The main causes of ED are either anxiety, stress or depression. Less commonly that can include past sexual trauma, sexual abuse, or suppressed sexual feelings. For most men, the issue is not being able to well control the nervous system.  In other words, they aren’t able to go into ‘relaxation mode’ during sexual activity.  They may get nervous. This makes it very tough to get or maintain an erection. IMO he's a  little young for meds but it wouldn't hurt to have him speak with a dr. just to be on the safe side:)
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Thanks, I hope that is all that it is and we will be able to help him solve it : )
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