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Erectile Dysfunction in spite of healthy life and good blood report

I'm a healthy 46 year old man. weighing 175 lbs, BP, Blood sugar, Cholesterol, Testosterone all normal. 2 weeks ago I realized that suddenly I cannot get a erection at all. Inspite of my partner and myself trying hard. I visited a Urologist and after his examination he says I've prostate infection and since last 10 days I've been taking antibiotics, with no effect at all. My question is I've no other symptoms like any frequent urine, burning while urinating, no swollen penis etc etc. I've just this ED problem. It's very depressing and somehow I'm not able to come to terms that this is because of Prostate infection as I've no other symptoms.

Is here on this forum a doctor who could guide me what could be the problem and if it's actually the prostate infection which creates this ED problem?
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You could get a second opinion from another urologist or you could go back to the original urologist with your lack of results from the antibiotics.  Sometimes a urologist will prescribe a run of antibiotics as a first step towards a cure for ED or other genital problems.  
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