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Erectile Dysfunction with veins on penis

Hi Everyone,

I am 26 years old. From the past 8 months, I am experiencing erectile dysfunction. The top portion of my penis is not getting enlarged. I am having difficulty in having and maintaining an erection. Also I am noticing veins in my penis became enlarged. Veins was not their 7 months before. In addition to this, my penis is getting curved and tilted to one side. But there is no curve while it is erect.My urologist said everything is fine and ed is because of psychological problems. Is this related to peyronies disease ? My urologist said I don't have peyronies plaques on sides of penis. I suspect some problem with blood flow as blood is not entering in the top portion of my penis. Also the sensitivity in penis is reduced. I wanted to know what exactly happened to my penis. Please give some advice or related medical conditions.

Please give me some advice and overview about this problem. I am experiencing the worst phase of my life till now.
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There is no enough history.  If you smoke, stop.  Exercise, such as running, is good for blood flow.  You could try taking L-arginine for blood flow.  Do not masturbate prone as it causes damage.  
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you must have exhausted yourself by overmasturbation or watching porn ...if i am not wrong ??

As blood flow is not proper this is cause of concern,eat healthy diet rich in nuts like walnuts and almonds, dairy products do kapalbhati pranayam to regulate blood flow in brain and genitals.

Adapts breathing excercises like meditation to regulate your brain.

You are lacking androgen hormones due to lack of brain chemicals like serotonin,dopamine etc..

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Hi I dont smoke. I drink occasionally. No drugs. I have stopped masturbation for a while. By the way other symptoms I see is testicles have enlarged a bit and I can feel it. I have done std tests for chlamydia, gonorhhea, hiv, syphillis, hepatitis and is free of all. Sometimes I can feel pain in my testicles and passing more urine than usual.I will keep posted as days gets going. Thanks everyone for your advices.
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Did the urologist examin your penis while erect? I would get a 2nd opinion. You said “the top part of my penis is not getting hard” this sounds like the blood flow is getting blocked to the head/glans and this needs to be thoroughly examined. Your doctor can give you an injection into your penis which will cause you to get erect for hours. While hard he can perform various measurements, do an ultrasound to check blood flow. And test your sensitivity. He will stimulate your penis in a particular way that will cause contractions at the same time he wants to see that when your penis contracts so does your anus; just like when you have an orgasm. As far as bending, this definitely sounds like Peronist disease.. I curve downward and the doctor did not feel any plaque in mine either. This is part of having ultrasound on my penis to see blood flow and look for reason that I have the curve. It is too bad that we can not share pictures. It would help to see the shape, curve, bulging veins etc. I am thinking about setting up a web page where we can post pictures of penises so guys can compare these abnormalities bends, curves etc. some guys that have similar conditions can share how the doctor corrected the problems and by comparing, guys can better determine how severe their bend, shape, curve, size and so on.
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