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Erectile Dysfunction

I haven't had an erection in at least 6  yrs......I am 53, I'm a diabetic, my ac1 is a 8, I take 2mg film suboxone a day for a hydrocodone addction I have. been taking the suboxone for 3 yrs and my addiction started about 5 yrs ago.  my erection problem started a yr or so before addiction......My question:  do I give up hope on ever having an erection again?????   I've been married for 25yrs.....wife says its no big deal......we are intimate, with oral and hands......is there no hope of me ever having an erection again???
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Although six years is a long time, I would not give up hope.  You could check with your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects of suboxone in case that is having an influence on your inability to have erections.  It's good that you and your wife are still intimate.  If you are due for a physical, mention your situation to the doctor at that visit.
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