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Fevers Headaches and ED a Tale

I'm 28, young healthy work out 3 times a week.

I only drink socially, I do not smoke or do drugs.
About 2 months ago I came down with a fever I thought was the flu and the fever went away after sleeping it off for a day and a half. After I still felt weak and thought I was just recovering, a month later still having problems.

Since then I have been exhausted, slight constapation, I have a constant headache in the lower right side of my head, I can't think clearly at times(such as memory etc) and my erections started to become less normal.

I started to get only semi hard during sex, and then after some time not be able to finish during sex, then a couple days ago it just wasn't working.  

This is a shock considering two months ago I was have a full erection sex 2- 3 times a night no problem.
It seems very sudden.

I've seen a neurologist about the headaches, MRI, nothing shows up. Had blood tests and everything came back normal.

My job is great, I'm not stressed life is good. Really shocked that all of this has all happened so suddenly.
I'm here because it seems the doctors are not coming up with anything.

I had a root canal 2 months ago, but I don't see how that could be related. Kinda just at a loss of answers. Thanks
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Yes I had antibiotics before.
Sometimes it feels uncomfortable but nothing really bad.
The headache is on the same side as my tooth.
I did mention it to my physician.

Yeah, hopefully I figure out what's going on.

Thanks for the response.
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Did your dentist prescribe antibiotics before your root canal?  Often this is done before and during any oral surgery.  Is your pain in the same area as your root canal?  You could check with your dentist about your weakness and headache to question a possible infection.  Did you mention the root canal to your physician?  I am more concerned with your weakness and headache, since whatever is causing those factors would be giving you temporary ED.  
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