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Full Erection Problem .... Please Help

Hi, I am Adham, i'm 23 yr,
My problem is, i don't get a full hard erection , i get an erection that is barely enough for penetration, but it's never very full or hard, and it wasn't always like that, i remember when i was a teenager my erection was a lot better than now, and i have some bad habits like i smoke 20 to 30 cigarettes daily , i masturbate once per day, and i don't play any sport , but i am in a good shape ,and my weight is perfect , and as far as i know i don't have any disease .
Please help me , i feel that i'm still young to have such a problem or to take thing like Viagra .
Help please ... what should i do ?????? :( :(
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It's always a good idea to see a good doctor to check for anything organic. However, urologists are completely ignorant of porn-induced ED. Sexolgists are also clueless.
Your brain has become desensitzed, as in an addiction process
I doubt that 8-9 years of smoking can cause ED in someone your age. If it's not some rare condition, then it's porn.

Check out this thread on medhelp-  (you will see links there also)

On our forum (and many other forums) we have been dealing with young men with ED caused by porn for years. They recover, but they have to quit porn. It usually takes 2 months -but it is highly variable process.

Google ***************.com and watch the presentation on "ED and porn".
Also watch the porn addiction series.
Go to the support page for more links. Also look at the Q&A, and you will see a few questions on porn and ED, with links, and many comments from men who recovered.

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Any answers please
1621450 tn?1298994639
1621450 tn?1298994639
Anyone ?
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It is very unusual to have chronic ED at your age. Anxiety during intercourse is often given as the number one cause. However, these days using internet porn is the primary cause of ED for men in their twenties. Have you consistently used porn? You may only masturbate once, but it's the viewing that alters the brain, leading to ED. The more hardcore the porn, the more likely it will overstimulate the brain.

We have seen lots of guys your age, and younger, with complete copulatory impotence.
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Thank you for answering,
and about the Anxiety during intercourse, no at all , i'm totally comfortable with my girlfriend, so that is not the problem , but you are right about the porn thing ,i actually watch porn alot and daily and masturbate daily, does that what causing my problem, and what about not doing any sport and smoking, i've been smoking now for about 8 or 9 years.
would you please advice me what to do ... and don't you think i should see a doctor ?
Thank you again :)
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