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Help please, recently been suffering with ED

I’m 22 and have suffered at the hand of ED for my last 3 sexual partners (but 4 instances) since April with one of those sober. Always had quite a high libido before then, so kinda worried. I would masturbate near as makes no difference every night but since I just haven't been.. I've Been to the doctors and had a blood test, everything came back normal. Was told to “see how things go". Has anyone had this happen, or could someone please give me some advice/help?
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I'm not sure about something - do you have adequate erections when by yourself? If so, you don't have a physical problem, it would be more psychological in nature. Almost all guys have a bad outing at some point when with a partner, and that can freak us out & cause us to start worrying if we'll get it up, which just leads to more ED problems. Take it slow at first (especially with a new partner), tell her you just want to have some fun but not intercourse. Then after a few times enjoying that, you'll probably regain confidence & may be able to resume intercourse. Hope that helps...
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What are your prolactin levels
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