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Help to regain penis sensitivity

I've used. VED devise for over a year with great results. I've used the devise in moderation. In the last month I've lost a lot of penis sensitivity and no longer can climax during intercourse but can ejuaculate with a vibrator or manual stimulated by my wife.
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That's unfortunate.  You were having erection issues before starting to use the device?  What happens if you don't use it?  Have you spoken to your doctor about erectile dysfunction?  Is medication something that is an option for you instead of the ved?
I started to have ED about 12 years ago. My urologist gave me the usual viagra and or cialis which worked well until a year ago. Then he suggested the ved device which worked great until now. The Meds don't help at all. Now I have this sensitivity issue.
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Another Q: Do you think it was the use of the VED that caused you to lose sensitivity, or were you already losing some before trying it? I’ve heard that diabetic men suffer from neuropathy, which is a loss of nerve function, which can cause ED issues, but it wasn’t clear to me whether this also affects the sensitivity necessary for orgasm.
I'm not sure,but I never had a sensitivity issue until after using the VED. I'm not a diabetic and have good health.I had a P Shot about a month ago but it hasn't helped but it did encrease my size especially my girth.
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Hmmm... well, this may be a difficult Q to answer. It’s possible that drawing too much vacuum for too long could damage some blood vessels, not sure if that would cause loss of sensitivity, tho. The good news is, at least you can still reach orgasm w/ enough stimulation, but obviously if the sensitivity continues to decline, it’s possible it could reach a point where that type of stim wouldn’t do it. I think it’s time to see a Urologist about this - there could be other issues that are causing the loss of feeling. I have read that it’s fairly common for guys to lose some feeling due to age, but yours sounds a little more dramatic than that. Talk to the Dr & good luck with this, hope you find a solution...
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