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Hydrocele surgery causing Erectile Dysfunction?

Hello folks, I'm 25  years old. I had a varicocelectomy back in 2013, and a hydrocelectomy in 2018.  I'm writing today because I've been experiencing on-and-off issues with Erectile Dysfunction (i.e. humiliating sexual encounters) for this entire range of years (all the way up until today in 2020) and am becoming increasingly suspicious that it may be a side effect of one of these surgeries. I went through a phase of the whole NoFap movement as I assumed it had to do with watching too much porn. But now after cutting off porn for several months and still having the same problems, There simply must be something physically wrong down there. No morning wood, difficulty staying hard (requires constant stimulation), noticeably weaker when hard, etc. As a social and flirty guy, this has slapped me hard in the face during countless sexual encounters with women.

My question: Have any other people out there noticed these effects after having a varicocele or hydrocele surgery? I had both, so not sure which one may be the culprit, if either. Just curious if I'm alone in this or if others have had a similar experience.

I'm currently overseas traveling, but will be making an appointment with my Urologist when I return to USA in June, and will post what I learn. If you have had a similar experience, I would love to hear what you've learned from your Urologist.

Much love,
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No experience with it myself but talk to your doctor.  A nerve can be affected during the surgery that increases odds of ED. It's called the pudendal nerve.  Normally if it is injured or compressed you might have some other symptoms though.  https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/pudendal-neuralgia#1  But this is one possibility as that nerve can be affected during surgery.
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Definitely talk to your doctor. Always rule out physical causes of ED first before assuming anything else.

I'm female, so I haven't experienced it, but if your partners are female, I promise you that you are thinking more about it than your partners are. We understand these things happen. :)
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