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I can't get an erection (26years)

I have been masturbating for long while watching porn. Some days back I still could perform and i always had very firm erections. For a week now i haven't been able to get an erection even in the morning. Also, even during masturbation i Can get an erection. This has never happened before. I'm confuse.
I use to get an erection all the time with or without porn which i watch a lot.

What could be the cause and the remedy?
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How's it going?  Things any better?
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I am 26ye male... On month june i masturbated and ejaculate alot( 3 to 4 times a day, 5 days days straight) and i was dumb enough to perform jelqing 3 to 4 days the following week.... before all this i had strong Erection and i was getting ERECTIONS just by THOUGHTS, VISUALS and JUST BY TOUCH... BUT after doing all that especially AFTER jelqing... I had PAIN for a WEEK at the base of PENIS( left side had more pain) BUT i still used get ERECTIONS for a week after that but some days later like 2 weeks or month later i stopped having that excitement or drive even with TOUCH OR BY VISUAL... BUT WHEN i get Erection forcefully which was not complete Erection was painful at the BASE at the beginning then after the pain stopped BUT i am not ABLE TO ACHIEVE FULL ERECTIONS... I didn't STOP there.. I continued to watch porn like 2 to 4 time a month TILL NOVEMBER for HOURS i used to masturbate, sometimes i was EJACULATING, sometimes i was not.. But i did masturbated alot... WHAT HAPPENED TO ME... When i think about all this incident the STRESS ADDS UP... I already had stress about my life situation BUT it didn't affect my Erections before all that dumb things i did.. please help
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Well, my suggestion is to give all porn and masturbation a break for a couple of weeks.  Kind of reset.  If you continue to have a lack of morning erection after that and can not stimulate to erection, then see your doctor.  How old are you? Are you under stress? Emotional issues like stress, anxiety, depression can cause erection issues. You could be waking up at different points in the sleep schedule also which impacts morning erection. Are you taking any new medications? That can impact things.  If you go to the doctor, they will likely do a full physical to see if there are any health conditions leading to this.  Including blood work to check things like testosterone.  But most men go through a period of this and it is all fine. So, lay off masturbation and porn, re evaluate and then if it is still a problem, see your doctor.
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It's been almost 2 weeks since i stopped porn and masturbation.  I have some morning érections but they dont last for long.
Give it a bit more of a break. Having morning erections is a good sign.  What is your stress level like?
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