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I cant get full erection

Hi guys
I went to see the urology today, it was surprised me when I entered the room as the urology was female. She asked me how I get after my operation when I had my foreskin removed and I have told her that my testicles are the same as it still get swelling. She didn’t say much about my operation, she only said that everything is clear, I have no infections at all and the bladders are healthy. I was told that I did not have hernia when I had an operation.

She said that it was strange why I can’t get the full erection when I explained to her about the ED that I’m suffered with when I tried to push the blood to the penis which I couldn’t get the full erection that I can feel something is being blocked and I can feel the blood get pumping in the veins below the penis which I don’t get enough blood flow and my testicles will get swelling in each time when I go to the toilet, run around to do exercises or do normal things. I have had the bruise on my right groin when I went to toilet. I have told her about my glans that it will get cold every time when I go to toilet. The swelling of my testicles I have it looks very similar to scrotum and varicocele.

I got a checked up and she saw the swelling testicles, so she checked on my testicles to see if there is anything wrong she could find. She said it is fine and it looks normal. She said that there is something that could do with my bowel or the area where I get the pain in my stomach. She said that my conditions are nothing to do with it and I should go to see my GP :s

She will ask her colleague about the problems I have with ED and I will get the next appointment. I have not been very happy that she wasn’t the right person for me and she wasn’t being helpful so I left. I feel that she is wasted my time, because I am seeing the urology that deals with penis problems.

I don’t know why my testicles get swelling, I have no idea why my glans get colds when I go to toilet to have a poo, why I couldn’t get full erection when I expend the shaft in my penis that I feels there are not enough blood flow to the penis which I can feels the blood is being pumping

Do you know why? Have it got stuck inside when I was stretching my penis?

Should I go to see my doctor and ask him to see a different urology to get a second opinion?

And I was told that there are nothing wrong with my penis, so is it okay if I could start to do the PE now or should I wait until I get the problem sort it out first?
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A second opinion with another urologist may be useful, since you still see issues that are troubling to you after seeing your present urologist.  
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Did she do a testicular ultrasound for the vericoceles? My female urologist missed them and then I discovered them myself so she ordered an ultrasound and mine are pretty bad and on both sides. Go see another urologist and get an ultrasound done. Also get your testoterone level checked as the veins could be causing low T and that's the ED problem as well.
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