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I need help with this

So I'm 17 . I've been with girls before and I didn't have this problem. But recently me and my current girlfriend want to have sex but everytime I'm going to penetrate I go soft. I wanted to know how I can fix this. O thinl the reason is because all the other girls were one time things. Also the last time one of the girls thought she was pregnant. So I think I get nervous thinking about my girlfriend getting pregnant ao I go soft. So how can I fix this. I get hard during foreplay and everything just go soft when I'm goin to penetrate.
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better if you talk to your doctor.
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It could pure anxiety or it could be overuse of Internet porn. Those are your two options at your age. Or it may be a combo of the two.

Do you use Internet porn for masturbation? Several men who have recovered from porn-induced ED described what you have described - getting hard then going limp when trying to penetrate. With sexual foreplay dopamine rises to cause erections. When one pauses to penetrate, or worse yet, put on a condom, the dopamine may drop slightly. Men who use porn start to notice this symptom at the beginning stages for the problem. Part of the problem may be related to no longer having the visual stimulation when you get into position to penetrate. Porn conditions the brain for visual stimulation as we all know.

If you use porn to masturbate, and have for awhile, Follow this libnk and read the posts. See if you can relate. Control+find my first 2 posts, and follow the links to articles and video presentations that explain everything.

Good luck
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