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Im 15 and i think i have ed. please help me

Since the past month or two whenever i try to masturbate, i only start to get hard as im about to climax and if i stop for 5 seconds i lose my sexual drive and i go soft again. Whenever i orgasm, i dont ejaculate as much sperm as i usually have in the past and the climaxes is disappointing. What strikes me as odd is that during school, i still get random erections but when i want to try to masturbate, i cant get a erection. I see all these posts saying its probably stress, etc. but in my opinion i'm not that stressed. I'm really scared because i really dont want ed. Its hard for me to talk to my doctor about it since i would have to ask my parents to schedule an appt and it would be really awkward. So please respond asap. im going to try and stop masturbating and hopefully i can replenish my sexual drive.
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You could schedule a visit with your doctor for a checkup, if you haven't had one in a year or so, and bring up your symptoms at that time.  From what you have mentioned, your last comment about stopping masturbation may be helpful so you can build up your sexual energy once again.    
Thanks. Me stopping masturbating has helped alot.
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