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Im 16 and I need Help/Advice

Hi, I need advice, Im asking her because im scared to talk to my Parents about this.
I'm 16
And I need help, I believe Im having symptoms of ED
Roughly 3 weeks I've been away from home
and I have not tried to masturbate at all since I've been gone... except for today, i have realized that i have not had any thoughts of Sexual Intercourse nor have been horny like i used to...
and it's scaring me because I met somebody that's I seriously have gotten feelings for... and lately when she touched me i got a non-completed erection... today i tried to ejaculate and i did but i barely had a full erection... It's all weird because i used to masturbate roughly 2-3 times a day for a long while and every... single... time i would have a firm erection... tho it has stopped and If something were to happen between me and this Girl I am truly scared what would happen... maybe ill get a full erection... maybe not... i need advice please

I do need to say that I always got the better erections at my actual home, Maybe it could be that?...
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Hello.  Try not to worry which is always easy for other people to say.  I think eb and flow is an important thing to remember. A bit stressed (and at 16, that's normal) and you may not have as much desire for a brief time.  Hormones are also fluctuating day to day in a 16 year old.  So, not having the desire from time to time isn't a worry.  I consider masturbation pretty normal.  I'd try not to do it in excess for a couple of reasons but in general, it's a normal function.  When your desire comes back, which it will, I'd just be mindful.  With females, try again not to worry. Anxiety is the erection killer sometimes.  Then of course I've just made you worry about being worried.  If you routinely find yourself stressing, worrying and it begins to affect things in your life in a meaningful way, tell your parents you are having some anxiety issues and need some help (as in a therapist).  It really can make a huge difference in all avenues of life as well as this.  Learning grounding techniques, coping skills, eliminating triggers are all great to do.  Anyway, Put your mind elsewhere and see if this gets better.  Let us know
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Hi, I sent you an inbox message.
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