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I've ruined my penis

Back in February I was to be admitted in to a hospital for a few months and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of masturbating in  a strange place so I decided to do as much as possible before I went, the night before, I masturbated practically all night but I didn't let myself ejaculate, I would do it to the point where I'd almost shoot and then I'd let my penis calm down and then I'd start again repeating the process until it was pretty sore so I let myself ejaculate, shortly after the end of my penis started to swell up, mainly just my foreskin, it was very uncomfortable and tight, I couldn't pull the skin back at all for two days, I left it alone, I noticed a few days later that I could no longer get an erection, I normally woke up every morning with morning wood and now it is extremely rare, for quite a few weeks I couldn't get an erection and then when I could get an erection it was still pretty soft and I couldn't maintain it for more than a few minutes, flash forward in time and now I can get an erection but it is nowhere near what it once was, it used to be strong and stood tall and I literally couldn't push it down and it was rock solid I couldn't squeeze it, now a days it doesn't reach the same length, I can push it down and aim it all a round and when I test the hardness it's pretty squishy, I can jerk off and ejaculate nowadays but it's hard, it takes a lot of work, jerking off a mushy penis, it fluctuates one moment it gets hard and then it softens and shrinks and then it starts to grow again, I have to focus on really sexy thoughts and even then sometimes it's like my penis just loses interest and starts to go down.
Have I permanently ruined my penis, will it just take a long time to heal, are there things I can do to train it again?
I just want my penis back.
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First consult doctors to find out whether there is any injury. Do all the tests they recommend.If they rule out any physical problem, then  just relax and do not worry about erection. Just relax. Use all relaxation methods you know. Stop worrying about erection of penis even for desire for sex. whenever you get sexual excitement, do slow and deep abdominal breathing to calm your mind. Google microcosmic orbit. Learn the technique and practice regularly. This will convert your sexual desire to mental energy. Do think of sex when you find full confidence. When you have to masturbate, remember these tips. masturbate with lubricated hand. Do not stop breathing, Do not hurry-up.Do not masturbate in prone position. Lye down keeping face up.Keep your perineum relaxed. I am sure if you take right steps with calm mind, you will achieve your goal. Keep researching on sexual matter. Wish you best of luck.
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what you did there was edging, when you masturbate to the point just before orgasm and stopping. if you dont orgasm or ejaculate after an edging session, its known to cause ed issues. what you need to stop doing is mb for a few weeks.
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Firstly, you haven't "ruined" your penis. Believe me, if marathon masturbatory sessions could do real damage then most teenage boys - including my own (much) younger self - would need to be under permanent medical treatment.
Secondly, in response to the poster above, I've never heard of "edging" - we used to refer to it as "brinksmanship", same technique -  actually causing ED issues. I could perhaps imagine that if prolonged solo sessions of repeated Brinking were one's only form of sexual activity then maybe, eventually, the body/libido might rebel in some way, and possibly this would take the form of ED. Not saying PMDER1 is wrong, necessarily, but I can't see that one "all nighter" is going to cause this problem. After all, Edging/Brinking isn't so far removed from simply attempting to prolong, which most of us do most of the time (with varying degrees of success!), especially during partnered sex.
The soreness you experienced towards the end of your long 'workout' would have been a cause for minor concern but no real surprise - several hours of friction in that area is always going to risk some soreness. Very unlikely to cause any actual damage.
As to the real cause of your current ED symptoms there are so many variables that it's almost impossible to list all the possibilities. I would suggest for a start that your long stay in hospital may well be a contributory factor. You were uncomfortable with the idea of masturbating there so it's likely that you deliberately attempted - perhaps only subconsciously - to suppress your libido. This may have carried over after you were discharged. Or you may now associate erection with worrying about getting one during an examination or assisted bathing.
You don't mention what you were admitted to hospital for; could your medical condition have anything to do with your ED issues? Or the treatment you received for said condition? Are you, for example, taking any meds that may be lowering your drive, or causing physical side effects? Are/were you less able to exercise than before your hospital stay? Did you lose - or gain - weight? Sudden change of this sort will usually reduce all areas of energy, including less efficient blood flow, lack of libido, even depression, which can be mild or severe.
Sorry I don't have a definitive answer for you,  but I truly don't believe that your issues were self inflicted in the way you're imagining. PMDER1 signs off with some good starting point advice: leave it alone for a few weeks and see what happens. I'd be fairly sure that your young man's natural libido will eventually reassert to its default setting, if not then you might think about seeing your doctor. Not the nicest option I know, but If there really is a long term problem the sooner you get expert help/advice the better. You may need to be persistent and go back several times, but don't let the system fob you off. But try the 'boxing gloves' option for a few weeks first.
Good luck.
Hello, I don't know if you'll see this with how terribly late I am and I am sorry for that, I didn't mean to be rude I got quite depressed around that time period and abandoned many things on the internet, I only just came back after finding an old email, I just came to say thank you for your kind message, it was comforting to me even if I still had doubts to wether I would get my penis working again and as you've probably guessed, yes, it took quite a while but my penis is as fit as a fiddle, while not as durable as it once was (It needs time to rest more often/gets sore after 2-3 sex sessions within a few hours) other than that I got it back and not only that but I'm no longer a jack off, for two and a half years I have been enjoying a healthy, happy sexlife with the love of my life and everything is great. I was just thinking on how hopeless I was back then and had nobody to turn to but kept thinking "Hey, that one guy said it'd be alright, he could be right, it could just be stress, I'll get it back." It's stupid and cheesy but you helped me so thank you, have a great day.
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having even heard of edging? edging for normal people with no ed makes the orgasm more intense. i have researched on this, and edging is basically fapping to the point of orgasm, then stopping, and then continue, then stopping and continue and when you finally want to orgams, you do the full stimulation. however, if you dont ejaculate or orgams, you could actually cause physical injury, and cause your brain to think that there will no orgasm, so it stops the erection all together. edging actually accelerates ed issues, if not done properly.
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I would start with my pc. There may be an underlying cause that I'm almost certain has nothing to do with behavior. And you're not alone.
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Hy vestyxe would u help me pls
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