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Low Libido - Bloodwork Results

Hi ,

I'm 28 years old and I've been experiencing low libido and trouble staying hard. Sex doesn't feel as good either and I don't really want to have sex that much anymore which is tough for relationships. I also have brain fog, low energy, and a sort of lifeless feeling…

I've seen many doctors, but haven't found one who understand hormones that's why I'm posting here... I'm currently not on any medication, but I took Propecia for about 7 years, which screwed me up, but I've been off it for two years, but my libido and energy level have not returned. Are these levels normal for a 28 year old male in good shape because I have no libido and I used to be extremely horny:

Total Testosterone - 531 ng/DL (reference range 250 -1100)

Free Testosterone - 60.8 pg/mL (reference range 35 -155)

% Free Testosterone - 1.14 L (reference range 1.5 - 2.2)

DHT - 42 ng/dL (reference range 25 -75)

DHEA SULFATE - 273 (reference range 110 -510 mcg/dL)
LH - 5.0 (reference range 1.5 - 9.3 mIU/mL)
PROLACTIN - 4.6 (reference range 2 - 18 ng/mL)
ESTRADIOL - 30 (reference range 13 - 54 pg/mL)
SHBG - 32 (reference range 7 - 49 nmol/L)

I was thinking I need to lower my SHBG and ESTRADIOL levels since my % Free Testosterone is off the charts low. Maybe I need more free testosterone. I really don't know much about this, please let me know what you think.

Thanks !
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Hey Baustine:

With all of your combined symptoms, it sounds like you could be hypothyroid, which means your thyroid is not producing enough hormones.  The low libido and trouble staying hard along with the fact that you have "brain fog" and "low energy" are definate sypmtoms.  It's worth a shot.  If you have the availability, definately go to an endocrinologist rather than a GP.  Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

Best of luck!
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I'm on Propecia too and my libido is not great, either. I'm able to have good erections but my sexual appetite is gone and sex doesn't feel as good as before. I really can't say if this is a result of ageing (I'm 32 y.o.) or finasteride.

By the way, my total testosterone levels are similar to yours. I wouldn't try any kind of hormonal treatment, though: results are usually disappointing.
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