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Low sex drive/impotence????

I am involved with an ex crack cocaine user, (16yrs)  clean 1 year.  I love him to death however; I feel that our sex life is lacking.  He recently got Viagra which helped however; he just doesn't seemed interested in having sex every few days like I am.  I have talked to him about this at least the erection part.  He says he loves me I just feel I need more sexual involvement and I get excuses like only at night, and not now.. I dont understand can someone please help???  I thought a man would be more interested than me... However I dont understand.  I try kissing him/loving him what could be wrong? And is there a cure.  His testosterone must be high as he grows a good beard with no trouble.. Thanks frustrated in NC
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Hi, I have just sent you a message, I hope it arrived safely in your Inbox on this site.
Just one more idea - how to rule out the possibility of physically caused erectile dysfunction - if he has erections during sleep or early morning erections, then the problem is probably mainly in his mind / caused by some psychological or situational issues. In his case, of course the long-term using of crack cocaine could damage something in his sexual responses....
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Hi Snuffytiger! Your post is not very clear. Is he able to attain and maintain an erection or is it just a libido problem? Anyway, I have two or three suggestions: a) If he has any type of sexual dysfunction, he should consult a urologist; even if this is purely psychological, a urologist can help him. b) Viagra is not the only ED treatment, there are other oral treatments available (other PDE-5 inhibitors and a new drug called VIGAMED). Again, only a urologist can decide what's best for him. c) A healthy lifestyle is the #1 ED treatment.
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Ok since your boyfriend used crack cocaine for a period of years then he more than likely has a dopamine deficiency and could possibly have damaged dopaminergic neurons in the brain which would leave him with a high prolactin level. High prolactin will kill a sex drive big time. So what he would have to do is try to get the prolactin down with something that would promote a higher dopamine level. There is a drug called DOSTINEX for situations like this but he needs to see his doctor about it to see if its OK to try this. He still needs to get all of his hormones tested though in order to solve the whole problem.
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