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Low testosterone, who to see????

Hi, my husband has mild depression, low sex drive, soft erections, desesatization (which makes it harder for him to achieve orgasm), gained fat around his middle, more tired, but doesn't sleep well, loss of muscle mass, acne on his back, low sperm count, low sperm mobility, and he's had benign enlarged prostate and frequent urination at night. Plus he no longer has morning erections. These symptoms have developed one at a time over the yrs and has grown worse with age. He is 44 and 8 mths ago his testerone level was 437, 3mths ago it was 370, however our g.p. is female and has only mentioned "possibly" giving him shots, but has not persued it. I've done some research and a few specialist or clinics say it's Andropause or (male menopause) and they are very expensive as they don't file insurance and they say he would need extra med's if we still want to have children.....What to do???? Advice??? Right now they gave him an anti-depressant and viagra which is like pouring gas on a fire and water at the same time.....Thanks for any info. and if you know of a specialist we live in the south and would be willing to drive.
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I'd ask a local urologist who he recommends for this kind of thing.  It might be that a urologist would be enough, or there might be more of a speciality, but the urologist would certainly know.  I would not just stick with a g.p., especially one who has shown not a lot of interest in addressing the issue.
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I'm 31 yrs old overweight with Stress problems,Depression and Type 2 Diabetes i pretty much had the same symptoms with my Low T that was @ 180 until i was prescribed with Androgel this medication helps to boost Low T the only problem is that this Gel is expensive but ask his Doctor to see if this will help my energy levels & mood improved as far as my body fat decreased dramatically do some search on that am sure this will help you...!!

Best Luck 2 You...!
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