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Low testosterone and Pregnancy

My husband is 36 and has very low testosterone (<150).  He was on Androgel for about 9 months, and stoped taking it because he noticed no difference in how tired he was or his libido.  He wants to go on injections, because we have heard from a lot of other people that those work the best due to immediate relief.  We are aware that there will be a few days when he'll be feeling sluggish again due to the wear-off.  My question is this: If he were to go on injections, will that automatically stop production of sperm?  We want to have a baby in about a year and a half to two years.  Also, if he takes it for a little while, is it possible for his count to stay up after taking it?  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
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I have the same question.  
My husband is 33 years old and has very low T level (<200) and right now using the Androgel for about 1 month.  
We just got married and want to have a baby soon.  
Thanks for help

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Im 44 yr old and  was put on 2 packs of andro gel aday, about 4months ago. My test was at 125. I had it rechecked it about a month ago and it was only 140. So he put me on shots starting at 1cc 200 ml amonth. Well after two shots my test had Gone down to 130. So now im on 1 cc every two wks. I know my time line is messed up sorry. So ill keep in touch and let ya'll no. what goes on. My lidbo is so low. My wife thinks it that i dont fine her pretty, which she is very pretty. I try to tell her that the finest woman in the world could walk in my room naked and as of right now i would have no interest. And thats the truth.  
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