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Maintaining erection and solving it once and for all

Good afternoon,

I've looked at tens of pages about 'maintaining erection' and I believe that a lot of teenagers are having same problem as me, I'm 18, not a virgin, but start to my sex life wasn't that amazing, started several years ago with my ex girlfriend, similar problem back then, just couldn't maintain it, after some time it got better and we finally had sex, however we weren't together for long.

Now through the years i've had similar problems with different girls, I have no problem in pleasuring myself however if I loose my focus, I loose the 'rock' hard erection.

When it comes to being in bed with a girl, I have a perfectly fine erection most of the time until it comes to getting my penis in her, as I adjust pose, it just goes softer to the point where I can't put it in because its too soft...

I'm not too sure why this is happening, may it be because of anxiety?

A little bit about myself - I'm a fairly well built guy, I do smoke, I do drink at least 10 units of alcohol a week, I'm not a drug addict however I do smoke some 'pot' once a month or so. My diet is not that great as I have very high demanding job involving a lot of brain activity, and very long and late hours, these hours are not routine, so I have no proper pattern for sleeping or eating.

I'm aware that my life style could be affecting my lack of ability to maintain an erection and i'm planning on at least developing a sleeping/eating pattern and starting the gym again, however is this a core of my problems or should I be trying some sort of tablets(e.g. viagra?) or even seeking medical help?

Any help and comments would be appreciated from people that know better than me,

Thank you
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At your age you have 2 choices for ED (unless you have a serious medical condition)
1) Anxiety
2) Overuse of Internet porn
3) Combo of both

Are you pleasuring yourself with porn? Have you been doing so for a while? We have seen an endless stream of men - some in their teens, most in their twenties, developing porn-induced ED. Nothing like this happened in our generation - baby boomers. Doctors are completely unaware.

A big no to lifestyle as a cause at your age. Maybe when you are 50, but not 18.

GOOGLE VIDEO -  erectile dysfunction and porn - watch the video series.

Check out this thread with lots of guys who have porn-induced ED. Read the stories.
You can find my first few posts if you want to know more.


It may not make you go blind, but Italian scientists have identified a worrying side-effect of watching too much pornography.
Researchers said Thursday that young men who indulge in "excessive consumption" of Internet porn gradually become immune to explicit images, the ANSA news agency reported.
Over time, this can lead to a loss of libido, impotence and a notion of sex that is totally divorced from real-life relations.
"It starts with lower reactions to porn sites, then there is a general drop in libido and in the end it becomes impossible to get an erection," said Carlo Foresta, head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAM).
His team drew their conclusions from a survey of 28,000 Italian men which revealed that many became hooked on porn as early as 14, exhibiting symptoms of so-called "sexual anorexia" by the time they reached their mid-twenties.
There was some good news, however, as the condition was not necessarily permanent. "With proper assistance recovery is possible within a few months," Foresta said.
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do you maintain the same level of excitement and playfulness throughout the entire sexual encounter?  If you have a good erection at the start, but then at the point of initiating sex (10 minutes later?) you're more relaxed (not a good thing), it might be contributing to a lull that causes your erection to fade.  Are you thinking of anything else during the moments before beginning intercourse (job issues, etc) that distract from the task at hand?  Regarding playfulness, is your partner an active participant (either through words, facial reactions, laughter) or someone who isn't really involved for whatever reason (not implying she's not interested, just that she's more passive and not stimulating you).  You're young, healthy - sounds like performance anxiety is also starting to compound the problem as well. Time to determine why you're not staying excited throughout the whole encounter.  
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