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My sitution

I've had three sexual partners including my current girlfriend. With every partner, I have had this problem. I do believe it is psychological rather than physical. I am able to masturbate but with the previous two partners, it took a long time for me to be able to have intercourse with them. With my current partner, I so far have not succeeded in having intercourse. I am hard, then when I am about to put my penis inside her I go soft. It has been a problem for a few years now and it is putting a strain on our relationship. Has anybody else been in this situation and have suggestions.
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First, know that you aren't alone. I know you say you believe this is psychological and it very well could be. But you need to have a full physical. Tell the doctor what is happening. At the same time, yes, start therapy. That can help and treating any anxiety disorder you may have. Reframing sex as well to something relaxing and for fun (plenty of ways to still pleasure her) is important as well.
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