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Need advice about the meeting I had with my doctor about erectile dysfunction

I had a bad experience talking with my doctor, and wanted some opinions, both medical and political.

I'm 28 years old and have been sexually active for about a year. In that time I have only rarely been able to keep an erection during intercourse. I'm in good health and everything works when I'm alone. I blame the original problem on porn, which I've stopped for two months now, but the problem persists and I think about it every time when about to have sex (an anxiety feedback loop maybe). I finally overcame the embarrassment and took myself to the campus health center (I'm a graduate student, and my insurance includes strong financial reasons to use the health center).

I'll skip over the doctor's unprofessional language that made everything more awkward (calling it a "boner" makes me feel like I'm talking to a jock in a tie, not a medical professional).The doctor also asked me questions about my sex life, fine. He then asked me if I was gay (he'd asked this when I met him for a previous medical issue too) which made me uncomfortable. I asked if that was relevant and he explained that it was, so I told him yes. After talking for maybe ten minutes about my sexual history, he finally advised me to go get help from the counseling center and that he couldn't give me a prescription for erectile dysfunction for two reasons:

Prescription medication (Cialis, Viagra...) wouldn't help me overcome my psychological erectile dysfunction issue (except maybe by placebo effect)
He couldn't prescribe erectile dysfunction medication to someone outside of a monogamous marriage, because the health center is run by a Catholic University

To the doctors in the crowd, is that first reason accurate?

To everyone else knowledgeable on policy and law, is that latter reason legal? (Unfortunately I suspect the answer is yes... Though the medical center had a portion on their website espousing impartial service to those of any religion, sexual orientation, etc. Had I known my interaction with my doctor would be in any way limited by Catholic standards, I wouldn't have gone).

Maybe this all wouldn't have been so bad if I had gone in knowing what kind of questions I would be expected to answer. As is, the topic combinations of erectile dysfunction, gay, Catholic, sex, and politics made for just a really uncomfortable experience that still has me feeling like I swallowed a brick a day after the fact. Can anyone tell me what kind of questions are normal in a meeting with a doctor about erectile dysfunction?

Does the fact that I went to a doctor about erectile dysfunction stay on my medical record? Is it accessible by insurance agencies?

And yeah, I can't imagine this new batch of anxiety is going to help with the ED.
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I do not know much about politics about Catholic and gay people. Local medicos can give you correct answer. we have one doctor who can advise you on this matter. For erectile dysfunction, i may suggest some exercise which you may do it they resonate with you. Male Deer exercise, kegel exercise, anal peripheral prostate massage, Sat kriya,  Yoga Bandhas( yoga energy locks), kundalini yoga. You may google these phrases and visit the websites.I am sure some one will answer your other part of your questions.
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Anal peripheral prostate massage may be more useful for receiver of anal intercourse.It can help Giver also by acting on erectile dysfunction.
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When consulted about erectile dysfunction a professional doctor does not and need not take sexual orientation, religion or politics into consideration at all. All that matters is the person suffering from ED and how to get him right again.
In your case you have classical performance anxiety.
Cialis would help give you back some confidence. A better solution might be to take intercourse off the menu and not challenge yourself. No performance no anxiety if you follow.
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