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No erection after tadalafil 20mg

Had prostate removed 10 years ago. Recently took a 20mg pill this morning, but zero results. Is there any hope for me?
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Hi. So did you take the dose as prescribed by your doctor? That's within the range of dosing offered. But not likely where someone is started if you are new to it. Has it worked for you before? One of the biggest issues with it working properly is timing of sex. Too soon, won't work right.  Too long after taking it, won't work right. Another way it is prescribed to help is to take a lower dose (often 2.5 mg) but every day at the same time each day.Then it is in your system. That's alternate way to take it that you can talk to your doctor about. Do not take more than 20 mg. Upping your dose at this point shouldn't be done unless your doctor gives you the okay. But likely they will not. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/drugs-cialis-dosage#factors-affecting-dosage  If it is determined that cialis isn't going to work for you, there are other treatments. Certainly more will be done to help you. By the way, is there an origin that is known for your ED? Often psychological help along the way can be beneficial too. But if cialis or viagra don't work for you, there are second line treatments to explore.
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Yes, my urologist prescribed the 20mg dose. My background is that I physically had my prostate removed in 2013. Before that I could get and maintain an erection numerous times as day.
I took one pill this morning around 10:30 am. Around 1:00 pm I began feeling light-headed. Don’t know if it is related to the Cialis.
I would suggest using a vacuum device. I’ve used one for years and we both love it.
That's good info Beaux99.  I'm glad that worked for you.  I think a lot of people are afraid to try that for some reason.
I am 74 and still get horny. Can only get aroused, not hard. Wife wants real penetration and asked if she could see an ex for intercourse. Oral sex is good for us but apparently not good enough. Anyone had similar experience.
I'd talk to your doctor about this Bobalink5. You can also use toys with your wife as well. I think she needs to be more sensitive to you.
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