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Overmasturbation cause permanent ED?

I apologize as I posted this in a second forum not sure where it belongs.  

Please help! I'm 29 years old and have been masturbating frequently for as long as I remember, on average I'm guessing at least once a day sometimes less or more.  The only side effect until recently that I noticed was occasionally clear semen, and obviously the more you masturbate in a day the harder it is to do additional times.

I am without a doubt, admittedly, an excessive masturbator.  The problem is now I've noticed over the past month or so it has been very difficult to achieve an erection.  I've had weak/soft erections on a regular basis.  This comes at a bad time as I am now in my first serious relationship, and "had sex" for the first time recently and the first time I wasn't able to penetrate and the second time I was but left little pleasure for me.  

Now that I'm in a relationship that will hopefully have sexual activity, I'm finding it a possibility that I'll be unable to perform and I think the stress/depression is making it worse.. I can't have a solid erection during sexual activity or masturbation.  Only occasionally in the morning waking up will I have a decent erection, and even then it seems softer/weaker than past.  I haven't had a rock hard erection in months.  

The concern brought me to the internet to search on the effects of "over-masturbation" and to add to my fears I found pages of sites which said erectile dysfunction and impotenence, as well as weak/soft erections are a definitive consequence of overmasturbation as it effects chemicals in the body.  

I'm scared to death now that after 29 years I'm finally having sex and won't be able to enjoy it, or even perform at all.  

Is this permanent?  If I stop masturbation, which I'm pretty sure I'm capable of doing, for a period of time and then lessen masturbation in the future.. will the chemicals balance themselves out again and I can achieve a firm erection?  or is this permanent damage that has been done that will require some kind of drugs?

I'm 29, and have been masturbating for about 13 years.  I thank you in advance for your time!
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