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Pain in Testis

I am a male. I masturbate regularly. Most of the time I hold the ejaculation by pressing hard on lower penis. It creates some pain in that part of nerve. But it used to go off after few min.
Last week, I held the ejaculation and then thought of masturbating again to ejaculate. While masturbating, suddenly I lost sensitivity. It scared me and didn't masturbate from that day.
I have slight pain in Testis. Erection happens but not totally. I am scared of masturbating as Testis is paining and fear of nerve damage.
Please help.
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Unless you have an underlying medical condition, there's no reason to be concerned or avoid self-pleasuring. The reason you felt a slight pain in your testicles is because during sexual arousal, your blood pressure increases, and lots of blood also flows to your crotch area, including the testicles. Sometimes, this build-up can be uncomfortable, especially if it doesn't result in orgasm. In that case, the swelling associated with all this blood takes awhile to go down, and it can be uncomfortable. It sounds like that's what happened for you.

Men always worry the second something isn't EXACTLY the same, not realizing that just because your erection was different or less, or you didn't orgasm, or sensitivity lessened, this will be permanent. Worry and anxiety are the enemies of sexual arousal, and if you worry, then you create a self-fulfilling prophesy. Your penis will definitely not cooperate if you're worried and anxious, so relax, enjoy your body and stop scaring yourself.

If you have an ongoing medical problem which is caused by some underlying physical cause such as an infection, this will become obvious to you fairly quickly. In that case, you should see a urologist immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Dr. J
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