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Penile Implants

I first heard about penile implants on the Phil Donahue show. Now THAT ought to date me! At any rate, my husband is scheduled for this surgery nine days from now.

I did go to all but one of his physician's appointments which all started with prostate cancer, prostatectomy, and follow ups as ordered. I do know directly following his prostatectomy, the doctor told me that he was able to "save both nerves," therefore, getting and maintaining an erection should not only be possible, but be as good as prior to the surgery.

Now whether it is psychological or physical, we have found the doctor's enthusiasm was for naught. My husband has not been able to get an erection since the surgery which was approx. 2 years ago. He also wears Depends due to urinary leaking, although it is not a lot, it is enough he does not feel as if he can go without the protection and fears "accidents" and the embarrassment that would surely come with it.

My question is this: How much have penile implants improved over the years, if indeed they have. How dangerous is the surgery aside from the given possibilities of anesthesia related problems, post surgery infection, etc? He dd ask the doctor today during his pre-surg consult what not HIS, but the HOSPITAL'S acquired infection rate was. The answer: 2-3%. I felt that was pretty good, but is it? My husband is 61 years old and has had bilateral hip replacements, the last one in '90.

Can you ease my anxiety?
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