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Penis hurt and burning both penis and thies

I am Kumar from UAE. I had a protected sex last year. Next day my started hurting and it becomes pain in the tip. later 15days i visited general doctor and he gave medicine. after medicine entire penis got burning and too much pain before urinating. later he took urine test and he said no problem. No medicine required. Still pain and burning exist. Later 2 months i have checked other general doctor and he took blood and urine test and he also said no issue. he gave some medicine. its useless. he suggest to go to Urology doctor. he completely checked Sperm, urine and blood test. he said there is no issue in that. i asked him, it could be any sexual disease. doctor said we took sperm test and no issue. later he gave tablet for my pain.later pain gone. rarely it may comepain in penis and my balls too sometime.. doctor said burning might be a skin problem.  urology doctor said consult with dermotology. then i discussed with dermatology. he saw my penis and thies. he said dry skin and it burns. he gave ointment. burning reduced. but not completely. both doctors are saying u dont have anything. nothing to worry. But still my penis got pain some time and always hurt when i wear thight pants. Doctor gave treatment for protatisis and xerosis cutis.

I am worrying too much. its not normal i used to masturbute 4 to 5 times a week.

Please kindly help me and which doctor i ner=ed to consult.\\

Awaiting ur kind reply.a

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Let's review what you've told me: several physicians have run tests and concluded you have no medical condition other than dry skin. When you used the prescribed ointment, the dryness began to subside. And your penis hurts when you wear tight pants.

So: 1) use the ointment and be patient. Sometimes it takes awhile for skin to be rehydrated enough so that you feel no discomfort. 2) Don't wear tight pants.

You've been told all is well, and yet you're having difficulty accepting this. I wonder why?

And self-pleasuring isn't harmful in any way, so stop worrying and enjoy your life. Dr. J
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