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Penis injury


3 weeks ago someone performed oral sex on me, during this they for some reason started gripping my penis very hard with their hand, squeezing it hard. This sometimes lasted for upto 20 seconds over a few minute period. I wish I had stopped them doing it but I didn't. After this my penis was hurting when flaccis and with an erection.

3 weeks later today and  I have not seen any improvement. My symptoms are now:

Difficulty getting an erection and becoming aroused.
Penis is smaller when erect and flaccid.
I no longer wake up in the morning with an erection.
Penis thinner around he middle of shaft and feels 'limp and soft'
Pain on side of shaft.
Colouring and texture of foreskin has changed - there are white dots on the shaft which weren't there before.
Forekin is rough looking.

I have no problems ejeculating or passing urine though.

Yesterday I went to my doctors and he said there maybe some trauma but it shouldn't be permanent, he refused to refer me to a specialist and I don't know what to do now. I'm assuming this injury won't go away and I need to see a urologist and have an x-ray or something?

This whole situation has made me very depressed as it's effecting my sex life.
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Can anyone help?
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It would be good to get at least a second opinion on your situation which sounds like an injury to the shaft of your penis from your description.  Seeing a urologist and getting an ultrasound of your shaft would be worthwhile.  Since the doctor you visited did not refer you, you would need to be referred by another doctor or contact a urologist on your own, if possible, especially after three weeks with no improvement.  Luckily, you can still urinate and pass semen.    
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I agree with YardBull.  See a urologist as soon as possible and get an ultrasound as soon as possible, which I think can identify scarring if there is any as well as looks at bloodflow.

I would also add that you should do something today, tomorrow, as soon as possible, if there is anything, to try to have things heal in a way that forms as little scar tissue as possible, including any supplements possibly, wouldn't hurt.  I know your injury was almost 2 months ago now, but I still think it's early enough to make an impact.  One experimental thing I know about is PRP injections into the penis (into the exact spots of injury).  This is where a doctor draws your blood, they "spin" it, then inject it into the problem area.  It's supposed to add a lot of stem cells from the blood, which aid in healing, and possibly even overcoming some negative effects.  It might be good to do this early.  But you'll have to assess the risks of that on your own, and find the right doctor.  I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable with a naturopath - I know that some urologists and naturopaths may offer this.  Finding a urologist would probably be best.
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