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Penis pain/erectile dysfunction. Fungus?

Hello there,

I will try to be brief, but after seeing 4 urologists I’m desperately trying to find a cure.

It all started a year ago when I started seeing a girl who had a strange “smoky yogurt” smell. I started noticing the smell on my penis, as well as some significant discharge. I tested for STDs and bacteria but it came back negative. Upon a second urine test, they found some bacteria and decided to put me on antibiotics and antibacterial cream (which did nothing). I slowly started to feel like my erections weren’t softening, and the tip of my penis was hurting. It also hurt to urinate. Another doctor suspected a prostate infection and put me on antibiotics for a whole month. It didn’t work. I stopped seeing the girl and I started self-medicating (anti fungal cream and coconut oil). It seemed a bit better; the smell disappeared but the pain seemed to have moved deeper into the shaft (but the tip continued to hurts as well). I tried steroid and cortisone and everything else I could find, but it just didn’t work. One specific aspect of this pain is that when I am close to ejaculation, if I stop it in order to be able to continue, it immediately starts to hurt as if I had ejaculated (and when I do ejaculate, the tip gets extremely sensitive to touch, to the extent that I really cannot let my current girlfriend touch it or do anything else). This has impacted my sex life tremendously, to a level I never thought imaginable. I can’t even masturbate anymore, or I have to really concentrate and not mind the discomfort.

I had a theory that maybe it was fungus from the girl (I know from a colonoscopy done prior to this that revealed I had somewhat of a larger amount of Candida in my intestines as usually observed), and that it just kept creeping into my penis and thus is not visible on the penis itself. I shared this theory with a urologist who just laughed it off and said it it was fungus he would’ve been able to tell (ChatGPT disagrees with this statement). He gave me Tadalafil, which helped with the dysfunction but gave me a huge headache and also did nothing for the pain, so while it made it easier to have sex it was still very unsatisfying as it started to hurt too much too early.

I’m very desperate to find a solution. I’m considering taking anti fungal pills but I would like some advice first. Thank you so much.

I’m 35, Caucasian based in Taiwan (the doctors I saw were both Taiwanese and French).
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Sounds like you've been thorough. Docs usually can find a medical cause if there is one. I say this in the hopes not to upset you but could there be a psychological component here?
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Considering they barely tested for anything except blood tests,… also, the pain is very specific. When I had appendicitis Doctors told me it was all in my head until they realized it was about to explode and they had to operate on me at midnight. Also was told that my stomach issues were all in my head for 15 years until I tested positive for SIBO. So,… Im starting to doubt doctors. I’m hoping to do some proper tests when I get my healthcare back.
are you doing any better?
Unfortunately not. It’s been happening for about a year now so I don’t expect it to improve until I find a solution :/
I did notice that the bottom part of the “ring” around the tip of the penis, where the tip’s cover (don’t know the proper terms) skin meets the base of the penis, is slightly swollen, making it difficult to retract all the tip’s skin completely (it’s very slightly swollen so it was probably missed by the doctor; although I remember a year ago it was more swollen and the doc saw it and just said it was probably because of bacteria).
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