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Please Help: Hard Flaccid + Hourglass penis + internal Penile pain

I am so lost. Every day i am so confused about my symptoms. I had sexual intercourse and during i had a very rough handjob. It hurt but i did not tell the person to stop. The person when i was ejaculating actually tightly gripped my penis and ejaculation was painful.
Ever since then i have been expericing internal penile pain. at first i thought it might urethritis or an std but it was protected and everything came back negative. I am not worried about herpes either since i have not developed any sores. I also did not have most urethritis symptoms. I had no dysuria, discharge, pain in any othe region. It was strictly internal penile pain.
I've been going back to my doctor and he doesn;t believe it is trauma but now i think it is the only thing that explains my symptoms.
I notice my pain only occurs when i get my hard flaccid. I do not know what triggers it
Image of penis:semi-erect https://ibb.co/e1tL1F
image of penis flaccid: https://ibb.co/jYkNFa https://ibb.co/kfh2Fa
Moreoften though it is usually straight while flaccid but very small, hard and compacted.
i can get fully erect and it is straight once erect but the transition is where this hourglass forms. It also does not occur all the time
What do you all think? Is trauma the cause for this nightmare of mine? and if it is what medication or vitamins should i be on?
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The pain is coming from the trauma.  However, what has happened is that the cells have been expanded by the pressure.  Unfortunately, there is no medication or vitamins that can cure this.  Muscle relaxers can help, but only time can heal the cause.  You may always have an hourglass look due to weak cells, only time will reveal this.  You can use Ibuprofen for an over the counter product until the cells are healed or have a doctor prescribe you something stronger.
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**** ****. I'm so scared. Thank you for taking the time to answer me. I must say that when fully erect my penis is straight. It's just very rarely when semi erect I see this hourglass form.

Thank you for the answer nonetheless. At least it's not an incurable std but this ***** :(
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Hi, did you solve the issue?
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It’s gotten 100% better. No more penis pain or hard flaccid. Give it time and let it rest. Took almost a year for my penis to get back to normal.

You’ll be fine
Great to know that you recovered! Thanks for giving hope ;)
Happy holidays
Was it Peyronie disease?
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Just in case, do you know what the problem was exactly? (I am having similar symptoms but my doctor is clueless)
I've never experienced this myself, but am also very curious to know what the diagnosis was & what you did (if anything) to get back to normal. Please let us know if you can. The photos surprised me - I didn't know what to think...
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