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Premature Ejaculation Remedies

Ive tried the stop and start technique, I've practiced kegels. Anything I've read so far I have tried. I heard stopping during the action to empty your bladder can sort of reset and help you last longer...

Someone please help me!
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Wow, that’s a tough one! The remedies you’ve tried are usually the ones that do help. I would say continue to do these things, it may just take some time to ‘retrain’ your reflexes. When guys are young & first discover masturbation, they may get in the habit of masturbating very quickly so they don’t get caught, and this unfortunately kind of trains them to get off very quickly. Then by the time they’ve become sexually active, they’ve already spent years unintentionally ‘training’ themselves to get off quickly, and it may take some time to unlearn this response. Also, young guys have so many hormones surging, the urge to ejaculate is very strong & can be hard to control, so there are kind of two different factors contributing to this issue.

I assume you’re a fairly young guy, right? If you can get another erection within a reasonably short time you could have intercourse, and tho you get off quickly, spend some time pleasuring her, then go for another round if she’s up for it. Or she could pleasure you in other ways first, then you return the favor, and by that time, you’re ready for a 2nd round, which will most likely take longer to reach orgasm/ejaculation. Some guys masturbate a few hrs before a date so they can last longer later on.

I’m sure sooner or later you’ll find a solution that works. As guys get older, they usually take a little longer to reach orgasm, so sometimes the prblm resolves itself over time. When I first became sexually active, I tended to ‘get there’ pretty fast, but over time found I could last longer. Some of it was a conscious effort to prolong the act & some was just a natural consequence of getting older.

Good luck & keep us informed how it’s going.
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Have you ever looked into any of these natural remedies for ED?  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/316291#Natural_remedies  Yohimbine is probably the one I have heard the most about in terms of success.  Have you ever looked into the psychological reasons for ED?
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