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Priapism, help please.

Hi, I am a 25. I had an episode of priapism after caverject injection. I didnt have erectile dysfunction and the caverject was for looking at fibrosis with ultrasound. The erection lasted for approx 5h. And went down by itself. It hurt and mostly hurt on the upper side of the shaft.

The first day my penis was numb and flaccid and wek.
The second day I got my feeling back but it was still flaccid and still weak.
The third night, I got a semi-erection. 40% of the erections I used to get but Im still weak. I can contract the penis a little bit but its weak in general.

I am worried I wont have the abiltiy to get the same erections I used to. Did this cause an erectile dysfunction?
Does anyone have any experience? I'm not feeling feel psychiologically.
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I am not sure if an induced erection lasting 5 hours equates to priapism by definition. In any case, my feeling is that you have done no permanent damage and that everything will quickly settle back to normal.
For the next little while do not but yourself  under any pressure to have intercourse. You do not want this thing to turn into a performance anxiety situation whereby your looking at yourself and wondering if you are going to get an erection. Just take it nice and easy and let things resolve in their own time.
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This was 3 days ago and I am very very worried. I can't continue with everyday life.
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