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Problems keeping an erection?

Ever since I was in my young teens, around age 15 (yes I was sexually active then) I have had problems maintaining an erection. I used to watch a lot of pornography starting around age 12. I was easily able to obtain an erection and bring myself to ejaculation, but when it came to the first time I tried to have sexual intercourse, I was unable to maintain an erection that lasted long enough for sexual intercourse and nothing ever ended up happening between us. While dating a girl later in high school I tried sexual intercourse again, only to encounter the same problem. I was able to obtain an erection, but when I tried to put on a condom my erection didn't last long enough to get it on. My erection went away and after that I was not able to recover my erection. One day I decided to attempt sexual penetration right after stimulation rather than trying to put on a condom. The sexual intercourse was successful and after that I didn't face any issues sleeping with this girl after that, however, the same problem arises whenever i am with a new sexual partner or an unfamiliar situation. I have considered the possibility that I may have ED, but I am only 20 years old, and I know that ED is not likely with my age. I have faced problems with depression, stress and anxiety throughout pretty much the entirety of my life. I face issues with self esteem and also smoke cigarettes regularly. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, and what I consider to be a pretty severe case of it. I still don't usually have problems being stimulated, but once I am my erection last only such a short amount of time, and in many cases it is much more difficult to stimulate after the initial arousal. This has at this point become a pretty big problem for me, and lately has been causes me a lot of stress so I'm here for advice about what I should do. Is it possible that I might have a case of ED or is it more likely linked to problems with stress, anxiety and other such factors? Even when i feel moderately comfortable in whichever situation I'm in, maintaining an erection is very difficult. Because of my first couple experiences I tend to focus too much on trying to make sure I stay hard and distract too much of my attention to it while in bed. Could this be a potential cause as well? Should I see a doctor or is there other suggested solutions that I should try?
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seeing a doctor is a better way to be free from all worries. If he says 'nothing is wrong", you are tension free and will be able to do on your own. I suggest few exercises found in Google. Abdominal breathing, male deer exercise, Sat kriya,. Then search some breathing exercise, and some groin exercises. Pick up which resonate with you and discard others.There may be many other mental as well as physical advantages with these exercises.
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